When you watch the sunrise...

This past weekend we experienced tent camping with a one year old. I am happy to report that little guy was a real trooper! He had a blast and slept through the night like a gem.

I knew that with an early sunrise and loudmouth crows in the tree above our tent, Jace would probably be up bright and early. I was prepared for it, but it's okay to get up early when you're camping, right? That is, unless mom and dad have a popped air matress and had to sleep on the hard ground. When you don't sleep a wink until after 4:00 in the am, 5:30 comes around much too soon.

To keep the little guy from waking up the neighborhood, we packed up in the car and went on a drive around the reservoir. Dad was laying in the backseat next to J man, Rockie was cuddled on the floor of the passenger seat where the heater blew, and I was at the wheel, occasionally slapping myself in the face so I would stay awake.

Then we returned to the campsite at 7, where we took a little walk on the beach, threw rocks in the water and watched Rockie swim for sticks.

Later that night it hit me, what a great memory we had created. Our very first tent camping trip with our first child. Our little family packed in the car, driving around and taking pictures of the sunrise while dreaming of the sleep that evaded us.

Sometimes I reminisce about the days when I could sleep in. But then we have a morning like that, and I realize something...the truth is I really wouldn't have it any other way. Because not getting any sleep and then spending the early morning hours with the little guy that makes our lives complete, making memories to last our lifetime, beats the heck out of sleeping in. Any day of the week.

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