A weekend in pictures and a boring Monday!


family bridge

us in the water

Between the Olympics, that famous preston night rodeo, hiking up the canyon, swimming, bbq's, and being together with family-we had a fun filled weekend!

Now it's Monday. We all slept in until 9:00 this morn, which was fabulous! Jace is next to me watching blue's clues and husband is downstairs doing the dishes. We have big plans of going over the budget during nap time today. It's a part-EY up in here! Annnddd we're tossing around the idea of going to the cheap theater for family night. Are we exciting or what?

I'm sure I'll have more stimulating posts later on this week. Sometimes, I just don't feel like being exciting... Sometimes, anyway.

But really, what are Mondays for, if not to catch up on the slack I've put off for the past month?? Welp, I've really gotta go now. My motherly calling is bidding, as I smell a fresh diaper from binky lips next to me. As we like to sing in our house whenever a new diaper is filled... Stinky-inky-inky-ew!

And on that note. Happy Monday! Here's to a new week!

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