Last Friday Night, and not the Katy Perry kind...



Last Friday night we packed our picnic basket and headed up the canyon for dinner. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I love this little ol' Valley we live in! Gorgeous.
And yes, those are banana slices in my pb&j. If you've never tried that, you are reaallyy missing out!

And now, it's my not-so-dreaded Monday. Are you upset that it's still my weekend whilst you sit in your office desk staring at a computer for the next 8 hours?? Don't be too jealous, my Monday will come soon enough...
But I'm not thinking about work today. Nope, today will be spent at the pool, *hopefully* getting a tan. And we might be going to The Olive Garden tonight to celebrate sister-in-law's birthday, in which I might eat too many delicious bread sticks and have to go on an extra long run tomorrow morning.
But I'm pretty sure it will be worth it.

PS since I'm going to miss it, don't tell me who gets voted off The Bachelorette tonight until I get to watch it online tomorrow, okay?? But just so you know, I'm betting it's Arie that goes home. Bless his cute little blue-eyed heart...

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