Keepin it real.

I'm going to be honest with you guys.
For entertainment and personal journaling purposes, this blog is filled with the highlights in my life. But just because I don't document all the 'crapfests', doesn't mean there aren't any bad days around mi casa.
For example...this week was Independence Day, my all time very favorite Holiday. And although it had its great moments, it wasn't all rainbows in my neck of the woods.
We spent a full day sweating the sudden possibility of Dan being included in a group of layoffs and losing his job (which he didn't, thank heavens), we had a one year old that was completely off his sleep schedule, we couldn't host a Holiday bbq like I wanted due to our still landscaped-less dirt yard, we had not enough amount of funds in our bank account to do everything (buy everything, in my case) that we wanted to, work has been long and dragging, and I have had zero stress relief workouts for one whole week now.
(*big inhale of breath following a long run-on sentence*)
Not my favorite week so far. But I am writing this today because I like to think I'm an optimistic girl. I try to keep my chin up when life gets crazy. So although it didn't all go as planned&hoped, let me tell you our little highlights of the week:
// My numero uno: Jace watching the fireworks. Cutest. Thing. Ever. While sitting on my lap and pointing at the sky, he continued to repeat "Ooohh WOW!" over and over. He then walked around the grass and made sure everyone could see the fireworks in the sky. He sure loved the show.
// The cheeseburger and tots we ate on the beach at Bear Lake. Maybe it's because I was starving, but I daresay that was the best cheeseburger I've ever eaten in my life so far.
// Watching Rockie swim in the lake. We love our little water dog!
// Sitting by good friends at the fireworks show. Love them.
// A good game of disc golf in the sun.
// Today's cool rain, a super refreshing change of weather.
So even though it hasn't been the best week, we've still been able to add a few good memories to the movie reel that is our life. I'll leave you with a few pictures I snapped during those good times.

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  1. I so admire this blog post. Sometimes its nice to know that other people have hard weeks too ya know? I love your positive attitude though and definitely wish I were more like you. I am so so happy that Dan did not lose his job either. How scary!