Little guy learned to climb on things this weekend. Oh boy, we are in for a good time now!
But even worse then climbing, the real proof we have trouble on our hands happened yesterday afternoon at the river walk. And I *WISH* I could have a video to show you, but picture this: we are sitting on a bench in the shade, passerby's are coming too and from. Jace is wandering around the sidewalk minding his own business, wearing checkered thug shorts and his DC cap. Up until this point he had ignored everyone else walking by, when here walks a cute little jogger girl in her 20's wearing short shorts and a tank top, ear buds in her ears, focused on the sidewalk ahead of her. As she passes Jace he literally stops in his tracks. Staring up at her he quickly yells out his loudest 'HI!!". She of course doesn't hear him and keeps on her way, in which he continues staring at her behind while following her down the sidewalk. Finally he stops, still staring, puts his hands in his lap, crouches down and watches her until she disappears.
Ohhh boys...

And now, we are getting ready to head off to Bear Lake and spend the day in the cool water with fresh raspberry shakes in our bellies. Let the Holiday week festivities begin!

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