To sum up our week, to welcome the weekend.

Okay guys, I'm going to be straight with you for a second. We're all adults right? Even so, to make this a little less awkward I'm going to make a code word here. Let's call it...Auntie Flow. To obvious? Perfect. So let's just say that Auntie Flow hasn't visited me in a loonnnggg time. Such a blessed long time, that I was starting to have an understanding of how awesome it must be to be a boy. I daresay I have been taking it for granted, because Auntie Flow decided she needed to give me a reminder. "Hey lady, listen up. You ARE a woman, and you DO have to deal with this stuff. And don't you forget it!!!" Welll, thank you for the reminder, Auntie Flow. I guess I needed it.
Sometimes, in the past, when Auntie would come to visit I would maybe get a tad emotional. Like, crying when I couldn't find my toothbrush. And maybe husband would disagree that being emotional was the limit, but then again men don't get these things and he would blame everything on Aunties visits if he could. Therefore I disregard his opinion on the matter. But here's the thing...not only did I get a reminder visit, but I guess it was a "let's make up for how long of a break we've given her" kind of thing. Because, to put it nicely, this week I've been a little bit of Too nice?? Maybe. And I honestly just didn't understand why I was being little miss grumpy pants until today, when the visit became official.
"Ooohhhhhh, that explains a lot!" Said husband when I told him the news.
It really does husband. Consider this my official apology. But just have no idea what it's like. So this is more of a, 'I don't feel sorry for you but I'm sort of sorry' kind of apology. The best kind of apology a woman preparing for an Auntie Flow visit can offer, my friends.
And on a side note husband dear, remember you aren't the only one suffering. For one thing, just look at the hormone induced zits that have taken residence on my chin.

ANYwhhay. You can stop cringing now, the worst part is over. Other than my *tiny* little episodes here and there, it's been an eventful week. Eventful enough to document in my little blog! And I've even got some pictures to go along with it. How lucky are you, really?

Fresh flowers 11
Fresh Flowers from the supermarket. I wanted peonies, but settled for these lovelies to save a penny. And I can't for the life of me remember what they are called. I'm no flower expert, obvs.

Rasp Ice cream11
Homemade raspberry ice cream with freshly picked raspberries. From the kitchen of mi padre.

Willows 11
Our little willow trees, all budding and beautiful. We are proud parents!

Seafood B 11
Leftover seafood brodetto soup from Olive Garden. This is currently on their 'Summer Specials' menu, so I suggest you all get your fannies over to the OG right now and try it. DE-freakin-LICIOUS! And you know it's serious when I add the freakin.

Coloring 11
Little guy currently loves to color. For hours on end. And his favorite crayon is the white one?! Go figure.

makeup 11
*Free* makeup samples from Dillards! Bless the day. This is coming from a girl who buys her makeup from the drugstore once every six months. Soooo, free samples of good quality stuff is kind of a big deal.

chalk white
smile chalk
Heart chalk
And why not take coloring to the sidewalks?? Again, sticking with the white one.

frysauceface 1
First we went boating, which was a blast even though J man cried the whole time mama was wakeboarding. Then we ended up at Big J's, which is a tradition after an evening of boating. So please, don't judge me when it was 3 hours past his bedtime and all I could do to keep him from having a melt down was let him eat fry sauce. Sometimes, you do what you gotta do.

Last but certainly not least, little guys climbing skills are improving at a rapid pace. I call it smarts and natural athleticism. But it also scares the bee-jee-bees outta me when I walk into the room to him standing on the coffee table, dancing near the edge. If I had a penny for every *almost* heart attack I've had since becoming a mama...well, we'd be buying our parents homes in the south of france.

And if you are really curious, some other highlights not shown in pictures: swimming at the pool at nana's new apartment complex, starting a new addiction to carls jr's delicious sweet potato fries, losing another precious binky to the river, meeting a friend for my first time at Kneaders bakery, which is SO cute! (and having an expired debit card. doh! 'here, let's go to lunch and, oh, surprise! it's on you!!'...i'm a dummy.), husband landing a backflip on the wakeboard (he's seriously uh-maaz-ing), and not one but TWO sister-in-law birthday celebrations filled with gooey chocolaty birthday cake!

Pheww! There are the highlights of our week. Maybe not eventful to some, but it sure makes our life swell.

And now, on to the weekend where I get to see my big brother who has FINALLY arrived! And he gets to see how big and grown up his chunky nephew has become since he saw him last! Big deal guys. It will be a splendid weekend indeed.

I hope you all have the same. Happy Friday!

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  1. LOL, megs you make me laugh!!! Because I am with ya girl, that Auntie and her emotional impact SUCKS!!! I so wish things were not so complicating!!!