Coming soon in the very near future...

A new hair color. I change my mind every dang day, but I'm thinking of going light caramel brown for fall. Why not, right?! Appointment is set, 3 weeks to decide.

My first 10k run. What-what?! So excited/nervous/anxious!

Sorting and reorganizing my pinterest boards. Can you say: BIG. DEAL. I've been dreading this, but it's going to be so fabulous when it's all done!

A Fall/Birthday shopping trip in slc. Shhooppiinngg!! I am pretty much planning on spending all of my birthday money at Forever 21, where they have the cutest new pieces like this and this and this. And in case you were wondering, I've asked for these cute boots and this oversized watch from ma and pa. Are you tired of me talking about my birthday yet?? Well it will happen again, so be prepared.

And the soonest of them all: in just two days we are saying adios and hitting the hills for a good ol' Labor Day weekend camping trip. We may or may not be taking the parents fifth wheel so we can enjoy beds, a/c, and a toilet. But I feel like having a one year old is a pretty gosh darn good excuse for needing a fifth wheel in order to camp! I'm so excited to get my country on without any internet and phone distractions, no makeup, no cleaning, no obligations. Just 4 days of a camp chef, some hiking trails, a river, and s'mores by the fire. Ahhhh yes, it will be fabulous!

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