Highlight reel - 17 months!

blue eyes

Guys, just look at that face. Those sky blue eyes. Those cheeks! Oh, those chunky chunky cheeks that I can't plant enough smooches on. And just look at that baby hair, the growing hair that hasn't been touched with scissors since he was born 17 months ago. Look at those curls and wings that stick out on the ends. Just the cutest, right?? And that belly. Oh my goodness, this kid is a chunk. You should see that big buddha belly after a big helping of pancakes!

So you want to read some highlights of our little dude at 17 months?

Okay, since you asked...

- - > demands to always use a fork when feeding himself (he's quite the pro!)
- - > favorite foods: green olives(yuck, right?), grapes, grilled cheese, orange flavored milk
- - > is very vocal when eating something he loves. (Like this: MmmmmMMmmmmmmMMMmmmmmMMmmm!!)
- - > chatter box, his vocabulary has increased significantly and he continues to surprise us with new words. starting to work on singing the abc's!
- - > some of his most used words: please (peezz), thank you (day-do), truck (cuck), more (mow), rockie (haw-kee), outside (side), horsie (orsie)
- - > loves to read books more than anything
- - > will stop dead in his tracks with excitement for any sound that is or resembles a truck engine or an airplane
- - > If it's an airplane, he runs straight to daddy and begs to be picked up so they can point at the sky together
- - > doesn't love to share (please be a phase)
- - > gives kisses! this is my favorite.
- - > favorite shows: blues clues & little robots
- - > just did a turn around from mama's boy to daddy's boy. what can we say, he loves us both!
- - > still has to have his binky for sleeping
- - > loves afghan blankies (especially the ones grandma trish made him), and won't sleep with anything else
- - > likes to stand on things, put his hands in the air and yell "Yaaayyy!" (not sure where this came from.)
- - > has perfected the ultra cheesy-goofy smile
- - > points at any given animal and says, "woof woof!"
- - > laughs at everything. with the cutest laugh, might I add.
- - > loves slides and bubbles
- - > when he is loopy tired he runs around the house like a giggly, tipsy drunk!
- - > sleeps 10 - 12 hours a night, with one 3 hour nap a day
- - > so spoiled it's a little ridiculous (3 sets of grandparents, can you blame him??)
- - > loves to color
- - > hates riding in the car
- - > melts our hearts every. single. day.

We are so in love and really just can't get enough of this cutie patootie pie! This age is so much fun. A lot of work, and very active, but hey...he keeps us young!

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