Put a little Fall in my closet...

This morning I got out of bed early, put the kettle on the stove, made a mug of cinnamon spice tea and sat on the back patio while watching the sunrise from behind the mountains in my backyard. (Yep, I have mountains basically in my backyard! I know, luucckkyy.) And you know what I was thinking about the whole time that beautiful sun was creeping out into the sky? Was I thinking about the soon to be 90 degree weather that would follow that sun today? No sirree. I was thinking about some Fall essentials that I need to get in my closet. It's true, I think about Fall a lot lately... Doesn't everyone?

Last year I got my very first ever pair of flat boots. I love me some heels, but I tell ya what...I am officially SOLD on flat boots! SOLD, I tell ya. They are not only super cute, but who wants to walk around snow and ice in traction-less heels??! Why I ever did, I might never know. Ohhh but let's not talk about snow and ice yet, we're just thinking of fall. Remember?? Here are some flat boots I'm loving. Urbanog.com is a fabulous site for boots, I've bought three pairs already! Cute AND affordable.

Flat Boots

I have GOT to get more cute cardi's in my closet. The epitome of essentials for Fall! And I know that Hollister brings back memories from the 8th grade, but...we can all agree, if you get over the brand name, they have super cute cardigans. We all agree, right??


Don't even get me started. I could add a million of these babies to my wardrobe. Here are some cute ones I found so far... and I'm just diggin the tassels this year!


Yesssss please!! I am pretty much head over heels in love with this free people hooded poncho. And it's on sale for $80 at Macys! Say it with me: Woo woo!!

Oversized Sweaters

Guysss...I am just so glad my birthday is a month away. What a perfect excuse to ask for a few new fall essentials! Or, just for a big ol' shopping trip. Yes, that will do just fine.

HIP-HIP for Birthdays, HOORAY for Fall!

PS All this talk about Fall is exciting, but let's not forget to soak up what summer we have left. Because it's here, so we might as well, yes??

PSS Happy Friday loves!

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