Some things this weekend taught me.

The Jace-ster

- - > how to clean black crayon off the walls using a blow dryer and dish soap.
- - > Watching the sunrise is ten times better than sleeping in.
- - > The best rootbeer bbq burger & beer-battered onion rings in town are at beehive grill!
- - > Over-eating said burger & o-rings will cause me to wake up at 3 in the a.m. and throw them back up...
- - > When running down the stairs in the middle of the night, I shouldn't try skipping any of them. It doesn't end well.
- - > If I accidentally end up in the middle of some race while on my saturday morning run, I should ask for a t-shirt.
- - > Shopping online beats going to the mall any day of the week.
- - > How to make homemade pizza dough & breadsticks
- - > How to cook homemade pizza on the GRILL, with no help from a man. yep, we rock.
- - > If you let two one year old boys out of your sight for *ONE* minute, they will likely be on their way to the most dangerous place they can find, where I have to sprint like forest gump in order to catch them. Don't be fooled, those short little legs are FAST!
- - > When those construction men are working on a new road next to our house, and they use their compressor tractor (if that is actually what it's called...), it might feel like a constant earthquake. Don't be alarmed.

Okay, that last one is something I am learning right now. Sure hope little dude sleeps through it! Darn new roads disrupting our peace!

What this weekend taught husband:

- - > If your wife tells you to go boating without her and that she'll be fine, she will actually probably hold it against you all day long.
- - > Next time you spend the weekend shoveling dirt, have a professional massage scheduled immediately following.
- - > The best pork in town, is at beehive grill! (tastes like a steak!)
- - > Don't swat that angry hornet as it buzzes past your face, or it will end up stinging you where it lands on your leg.
- - > When wife tries to convince you to watch basic instinct with her, just say no!

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  1. I don't know ... I slept in considerably Sunday and loved it. Also, I want homemade pizza off the grill now. :)