Manic Monday - Over-sized watches

Windsor Watch 

{black &gold lux watch: windsor , gold chain bracelet: Forever 21}

And now you all know what time it was when I took this picture... awesome.

I'm slowly working up a collection of over-sized watches. This is my current fave. Isn't it just lovely?! In this same watch from windsor, they have coral and teal. And for such a great deal!

Here are some more over-sized watches that I'd love to add to my jewelry box...

oversized watches
{1 - Titanium Boyfriend Watch - Nordstrom}
{2 - Tess Vintage Watch - Alloy}
{3 - Large Metal Silver Watch - Bakers}
{4 - Gold Bracelet Watch - ASOS}
{5 - Coral Over-sized Watch - Windsor}

PS Happy Monday!

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