Pretending to be homeless.

We're bbaacckk! And although my long shower today was hea-ven (and after washing my hair three times, it still smells like smoke!), I am a little sad to come back to reality after a fun weekend of camping with the fam. That being said, we did have quite the unexpected turn of events! This is how our trip started:

Jace burley
Jace falls in dirt
Dan sleeps
Sand toys

And then on the second night, poor little guy took an unfortunate tumble off the picnic table bench, which led to this:
Breaks his arm.
That picture still just breaks my heart! My little man, he is such a trooper I tell ya. After his fall we took the longest hour and half car ride of our life, driving out of the canyon and all the way to the hospital, where we spent 3 hours in the emergency room. Xrays showed an elbow fracture, so the good ol' docs splinted him right up. A box of french fries and a gulp of lortab later, little dude was all smiles and acted like he didn't even notice the wrap on his arm.

We left the hospital around 10:30 in the pm and decided to spend the night at home. Little guy slept so well and acted so happy that when we woke up the next morning we decided to head back up to the campground! After rewarding little man with a McDonald's sausage mcmuffin and some hash browns, of course. I mean really, he deserved every bite!

So alas, we finished out the trip, chasing him around and being extra careful that he didn't fall on his arm. It was a lot of work, but he sure had a lot of fun!

Dirty face
Camp chair
Mom and J

We took lots of bike rides (in which I gained much respect for mountain bikers), overloaded on peanut butter m&m's and wild cherry pepsi, played many rounds of skipbo, waded in the freezing river, reminisced around the campfire, got rained on, let Jace play with his first little water snake, took many early morning walks with a wide awake little boy, watched grandpa almost fall in the fire, filled a little dump truck with many dirt piles...Good times had by all!

And now that we're home, I just have to tell you...I am so relieved that this is the last time we take an active little one and a half year old camping. You just can't be prepared for what work that is!!

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