Awkward and Awesome Thursday!



+ when I let mister J watch his pbs kids show on my iphone, and it freezes in guided access mode. and I mean, the show still goes on but I can't turn down the volume or get out of it. or even shut my phone off for that matter. So I stick the phone in my bag and the rest of the night we hear sid singing loudly, "I'm lookin for my friends! They're lookin for me!...." ...ugh.
+ that darn presedential debate. need I say more?
+ running out of flour while making cookies, and trying to substitute the last *little* bit with whole wheat flour. yuck. and really, what a waste!
+ when I "accidentally" let out my * know, (whispers) fart. in which immediatly husband walks into the room, stops dead in his tracks and exlaims, "what IS that?!" upon me telling him (blush) he says, "Nasty! I really thought the kitchen was burning down!"
+ the fact that I just shared that last story with you. it's sooo awwwkarrrddd. but it just had to make the list! apologies.


+ the best hot cocoa - 2 scoops of nutella, whole milk, topped with whip cream.
+ my new sweater boots that I wear every single day. the comfiest boots I've ever owned!
+ when sweet caramels are on sale and we buy a bag full. because they go perfect with everything.
+ not washing my hair for a week. i'm trying out this new thing...and I'm lovin it!
+ this amazing fall weather we've been having. makes my heart happy.
+ dancing with the stars this year. go watch this and this. you'll see!
+ little guys new obsession with apples. so much better then sweets! "You want another apple? Sixth one today? Okay!"
+ speaking of apples, have you heard of these? uhhh-maz-ing. they sell them locally at smiths. go try 'em!

and really, can you believe it's already thursday?! or should I say, finally thursday. because honestly, I've been living in the "tomorrow's friday" mode since monday!

thank the heavens!

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