Dear Jace,

this morning you slept in until 8:45. well, that's sort of a lie. first you woke up jabbering away in your bed at 7:00. It was still dark outside, and it had snowed last night (the first snowfall this year!) so I muted the monitor and rolled over to catch some more Z's before having to get up for the day. at some point while i was sleeping away, you fell back asleep.

so finally, at 8:45 i had to get you out of bed. when you wake up (most of the time) you are the happiest boy! you start gabbing right away, in your little babble. trying to tell me the most important things, of your dreams last night i suppose, while still keeping that binky tight in your mouth. you have quite the talent for talking and laughing and smiling all while keeping that binks secure! and then you always hand me your blankie before i get you out of the crib. you hold it out for me and say, "dant-do!" (thank you). if i transfer you straight to the changing table from your crib, you usually get pretty upset. so i try to wait a few minutes before i change your diaper in the morning. we walk out into the playroom where rockie is waiting for us, wagging her little tail all excited like. and you laugh, and through your binky you say, "oohhhh, hhawwkie!". then we go to the window to look at the cars outside, and the trees, and the mountains. or, as so happened this morning, the snow.

you were mesmorized by the snow. not so sure what it all was, this thing that covered the grass and weighed heavily on the trees. this thing that caused your not quite adjusted sleepy eyes to squint from the brightness of the white. you stared, wide eyed, and pointed outside. "oooohhh, wow." you said quietly.

"snow!" i told you, while kissing your smooshy little cheek that i can't get enough of. "that's snow!"
you nodded, as if you were approving. "ssnnoowww." you said slowly.

you were so excited. and i thought, boy do i wish i could see the world from his eyes right now. what it must have looked like to you! it's the little things. having you around, it makes all the little things the big things.

i love you my little man. i love looking at life through your eyes. thanks for choosing me, for giving me the responsibility of raising you. we're quite the team, you and me and daddy. and i'm so looking forward to the adventures we'll have!


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