Random ramblings on this fine saturday...

Mister J and I spent the morning cuddling in mama's bed. And when I say cuddling, I mean he jumped and rolled and giggled and played.

Then it was time to play in our bathroom sink. Because if you fit in the sink like it was made for you, wouldn't you play in it too?

 lip smackers
 It was there in my bathroom, hidden in the unorganized rubble of the second drawer down, that I stumbled upon my cherry coke lipsmacker. Oh yes, I had forgotten all about you! You see, last Christmas my mother in law gave me a pack of coca-cola lipsmackers. I fell in love with them, because I love the drink so much, and why not let it be on my lips all day long?! Makes sense. It smells delightful, and the cherry coca cola is my very fav because it colors my lips just so. A tint of berry with the flavor of heaven. And the smell, to boot!

When I smacked my lips with my cola smacker, I suddenly was hit with a wave of nostalgic deja vu. Memories of Christmas time! And I thought to myself, well how 'bout that. Maybe I should save my coca cola lipsmackers for only the holidays every year. Then forever and ever, the smell will always remind me of christmas!

 hood beg 
Then. Oh then. This is when the begging started. Do you see that up there, the begging?! I've been getting that since the morning it snowed. Mister J and Rockie, standing at the windows, begging to go on a walk.

Let me tell you something... We, we are walkin' folk. Well...most of us. Husband, he thinks walks are boring. (said with a thick english accent) But me...oh how I love taking walks! Even before I had the excuse of a puppy or a kid, I have always been the girl that goes on walks as often as possible. Not at all for the exercise of it, mind you, but for the peace. The time that I get with me and my thoughts. Oh and the beauty, the trees, the nature. I find my best moments, my very best thoughts, come when I'm on a walk.

So naturally, since the very first day we brought Jace home from the hospital and I packed him up in the stroller, he has been a walk person. Almost daily we go, Rockie in tail, walking around the blocks. Sometimes we take the 2 mile walk to the gas station for a coke. Sometimes we walk to the city offices to drop off a bill. Most of the time we walk around the block and make a stop at the park, where mister J can get out his wiggles.

Well back to today. You see, since the sun is shining I decided to give into the usual "walk?! outside?!" begging going on. Okay, I said. Let's bundle up and go on a walk! I thought to myself, this will be fun! Because I love walks, you remember?

Well I was wrong. The snow is pretty, but when you drop your favorite blankie under the wheels of a snow trodden stroller ten times, it turns messy and muddy and dirty. Goshdarnit. Oh, and when you are wrapped in a bundleme from when you were first born, you can't be bothered to be strapped in. Oh, and when you're (almost) two years old and not strapped into the stroller, all you want to do is get out and run! Oh, but when you don't yet own boots or snowpants, and your mom takes you out in pj pants and socks, you just can't get out and run in the snow. It's just not right.

You get it? I pulled out the "in case of emergencies" binky and stuffed it in little guys mouth, in the hopes that it would distract him from his sudden urge to play in the snow that surrounded us. It didn't. Then Rockie found a way to wrap herself and her leash around every single tree and pole we passed. And halfway through the walk, when little man figured out how to take his gloves off, well that was the end of that!

 snowy walk snowy rockie us walk snow 

But we made it home, just in time for two hot dogs and some juice. Thank goodness for hot dogs, because when your mom won't let you play in the snow, well...they kind of solve a lot of problems.

So the whole point of this random rambling is this: I didn't want it to be that time yet, because I hate that time, but...I guess it's that time. The time, that is, to buy snowpants and boots for a little boy that is just dying to go play in that cold, wet snow.


Which reminds me...I decided the christmas music yesterday was too much. I tried, I tried to be that person that gets into the christmas spirit before thanksgiving, but I just can't do it! It's just not right! You know why I think it's not right? Because, doesn't thanksgiving feel bad? I mean think about it. How would you feel, if you were a big fancy Holiday filled with family and turkey and sweet potatoes and yams. You reminded people of gratitude and all they are thankful for. You put your heart and soul into the look of orange pumpkins and gorgeous colored dead leaves. You were a big deal, and proud of it! But before anyone got to look forward to you or celebrate you, they just skipped you right over and started celebrating the holiday that you can't even compete with. The one that comes after you. The one that steals your thunder. every. year.

How would you feel? Huh???! Can't we just be excited for thanksgiving right now? Isn't that enough??!

So anyway. No more christmas music for me, until after I celebrate my heart out on thanksgiving by eating as much as I can and not giving a hoot. That's what I'm looking forward to!

Now let's just remember that husband and I are going out on a date tonight, after a long week of being cooped up. See? Life isn't so bad, even with snow.

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