TWO pictures a day! Because I'm feeling it.

 photo F210F020-D14C-4C27-A9B6-1F492C63C7F0-4233-000003F112AA78D8_zps23b2c49f.jpg  photo 293FBA85-A840-4756-A51B-4A75DA140E46-4233-000003F11ECF018C_zps4837c058.jpg  photo D9E03C9A-E173-4AA5-9459-44EC2AC44190-4233-000003F15CA8907E_zps3b108815.jpg  photo 833DF360-9699-4112-BB8C-FF4478BD0226-4233-000003F16BD61F5A_zps977954c5.jpg  photo 93724086-D37D-40F5-A791-ACADC3DBBD8C-4233-000003F1750ECD52_zpsdb162be3.jpg  photo 11975717-9b0f-4816-8f29-0b5923df6a3c_zps6695a763.jpg  photo 22974B78-A549-48F3-BCCD-3456A2AF7C22-4233-000003F18E2BCED0_zps2dfcf5c0.jpg  photo 50060015-2095-407c-93c2-19dc3c9d7882_zpsa065166e.jpg  photo 2C682A5D-DBE9-4116-AB9D-A4852E013DD3-4233-000003F1CFC07BA3_zps96eba56a.jpg  photo 41D36685-039C-4248-8B21-7E237D5EA588-4233-000003F1DAA09D67_zps26225eab.jpg

// monday: baking cinnamon pumpkin muffins // a boy & his best friend
// tuesday: planking on daddy's legs // a boy & his best friend (the best friend puts up with a lot)
// wednesday: a crepe with spinach, chicken & artichoke // cereal for dinner
// thursday: the drink that gets me through the day // body pump at the gym
// friday (today!): a topple off the bus // a morning play date in the bubble bath

                                        ^^^   ^^^   ^^^   ^^^   ^^^   ^^^   ^^^   ^^^   ^^^

I don't know if you know this, but, it's FRIDAY! I like to sing these things from the rooftops, you know? We just love our weekends around here. Tonight we are celebrating a late valentines day and going out on a date. I am pretty stoked, is all. And I'm trying not to think about the snow storm heading our way. Snow, SHMOW, am I right?? Right now the sun is shining, and by golly it's a whopping 40 degrees out there. We are considering bundling up and heading down the street to feed the horses! Hot dang!

Speaking of which, February is almost over, and I'm happy to report that it just flew right by! February, bless you. You never let me down. We are really just holding out for the end of march, because, well one-we've got a big boy's birthday to celebrate (and cry through, if we're being honest), and two-spring will practically be here! This Spring means more to me than most have in the past. It will be a real turning of events, a washed clean again and onto bigger and better things kind of spring. I can smell the flowers now! We're almost there!

So, happy weekend friends. I hope you and yours have a fabulous one!

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