Today's mother fail, brought to you by a rainy Monday.

Today I sort of failed as a mother.

Nobody died or anything, so that's good news.


It turns out that the sippy cup mister J was drinking out of all day long had mold crusted inside of the lid. And I don't mean just a spot of mold on the edge or something. I mean, right where you put your mouth and all of the juice comes out.

I'm expecting a call from child services any minute now.

How do I MISS these things?! And while I'm confessing...I wasn't even the one who found the mold. It was DAD. Of all people!

Fail. Fail. Fail. Miserable fail.

I am considering using sippy cups like I do socks: throw away after using once and buy new ones. It's getting too hard to keep track of what dishes are CLEAN and which ones still need to be WASHED.

You feel me, right?

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  1. Sorry about your rough day... but it made me feel better about mine. It's been a day of nothing but dog pee, dog pee and then more dog pee. Oh, and that came with a side of dog pee! I hate, hate, hate dog pee, especially when it's a revenge peeing for holler NOOOOOOOOOOO! and screamed at them tonight. One of those that curdles the blood and comes out at top of the lungs loud and tends to scare the pee out of you... As if I needed more pee to deal with!