A few pictures from the week, from this lazy girl.

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Monday // aka the longest night ever? Maybe. It started with driving to brigham city and then back to logan, up to Preston Idaho, back to smithfield, to Nibley again, and then back to smithfield for the big finale. And this was all so that we could pick up the truck to pull the trailer to pick up the swingset to take it to it's new home in our yard. Not too mention the men we called to meet us so we could have enough hands to LIFT the entire swingset OVER a fence. But the moral of the story is: there is a fun swingset at our house now and one day the hubs will thank me for putting him through all of that trouble!

Tuesday // this is our very first garden, and we are in fresh veggie heaven. Every night with dinner I go to the garden and pick fresh lettuce for the salad. When the sun is going down and the air is cooling, we like to sit in that there garden like old men: picking, shelling and eating the fresh peas. It's almost picking time for the carrots, the tomatoes are flourishing, the rows of corn are happy as can be and the pumpkins are slowly coming in. It's safe to say that we are in love with this gardening business. (it's also safe to say that I don't do much work in the garden. BUT I did help plant, soo...that's something.)

Wednesday // cuddling time on the couch, caught on camera. Mister J has had a heavenly week spent with daddy. We have the best daddy, I tell you what.

Thursday // Just after dinner (a fresh salad), I started craving some cookie dough, as I often do. But I practiced self discipline and pushed through! The craving kept coming back and I kept pushing it away, and by golly I was proud. At 9:30 I put little dude to bed and hopped in the shower for my weekly hair washing, spent my time applying a tan, painting my nails and whatnot, and by the time all was said and done I was laying in bed at 11:30 and I was wide awake. Mi amigos, it is NOT very often that I am WIDE awake and not AT ALL sleepy that close to midnight. So I took it as a sign that I really needed to make that cookie dough I had been craving all night. Best decision ever? Why yes, yes it was. I also watched You've Got Mail, as I also often do, and the hubs even joined me. Only for him will I turn on the oven and actually bake some of the cookie dough. That's true love, my friends.

Friday // aka TODAY. This is my attempt at joining the messy hair trend. I didn't do a thing with my hair and I feel a little bit like I stepped out of the 80's and also, I'm the laziest person I know so I'm very happy about it. And with all of my extra time this morning, since I didn't have to do my hair, I set my self timer on the coffee table and took some selfies.

And now? Well now I am sipping on my dirty dr. pepper and getting ready to read the latest people magazine. I sort of live the high life, you guys.

// I hope your weekend is swell and jam-packed with summertime fun and don't forget the sunblock! Bring on the heat!

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