The cliche of summer.

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Did you know that it's JULY?

I'm not going to say anything cliche like "it sneaks up on me every year!" or "summer goes so fast!" sneaks up on me every year and summer goes SO FAST! Sometimes when the cliche is THE TRUTH you just have to say it anyway.

Today we are stranded at home with no car, running the air conditioning like it's going out of business and not even considering going outside in this heat without the car to take us somewhere. At first the thought scared me a little, you know, staying home all day long...but it turns out that the floors needed mopped and the carpets needed vacuumed and the bathrooms needed a scrub down. Which I forgot because it's been the summer of "what day is it again?!" and those kind of summers make me neglect cleaning. Not too mention a week with pink eye calls for ALL toys to be disinfected.

So the point is. It's a good thing we are stranded at home today! Because hot dog, my house is looking fantastic and smelling like lemony lysol. And thank my lucky stars that the fridge was pre-stocked with cold dr peppers!

This week for the fourth we are headed down south to stay with Grandma and Grandpa O in their new home. Their new home! It's lovely you guys, spacious and beautiful, and of all things they have a hot tub on the deck! We are signed up for bbq's, fireworks, pool time, parades, the works! It will be grand. As every fourth of july is, of course. I would tell you how it's my favorite holiday of the year, but isn't it everyone's favorite holiday? So I'll steer away from more cliche.

I hope you all have fun plans for the fourth! Remember: sunblock and water and dr pepper! The three necessities!


Happy Independence Day WEEK!

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