A week in pictures and the usual ramblings!

 photo E8970275-AA6C-49A6-9CC2-96C027D6A0FA-13248-00000D74CBDB0608_zps08c5941d.jpg photo A0459036-BFBE-484E-8057-5BABE32BAAD3-13248-00000D74E4B1CC3F_zpscf3285e6.jpg photo 8BD53C3F-565A-4BEE-8442-143D4BC66422-13248-00000D74F8B959D6_zps002393fa.jpg photo 14ABE9D2-DE18-4A18-B5EF-D21B31FBE50C-13248-00000D750E248931_zpsc73297d2.jpg photo CD1A706C-E2FB-4E72-A659-4C9A35F7584A-13248-00000D751E0CDA2F_zps934622a8.jpg photo 61924F9A-D623-4500-ADA8-4B3A1F62B391-13248-00000D7526C5BFF4_zpsab7d93cd.jpg photo 9B2E6E97-D301-4783-BA38-377D1A729AF3-13248-00000D752FF74F65_zps7564374a.jpg photo C92ABE79-2A8E-4729-A049-76EF165407B8-13248-00000D7537F86D85_zpsc84b7b9f.jpg photo 75F79FBC-D512-4504-AD43-77433446FB5A-13248-00000D753F84A338_zps2450fcde.jpg photo ED7836D4-4B68-4AB8-974A-0D63A9DBA6FF-13248-00000D7549D843C0_zps52765e66.jpg photo F1053E14-4C06-44B0-98B3-201649FDD964-13248-00000D7551E18C7B_zpsf8faf8a8.jpg photo 9F310AEB-BC25-4835-A4D2-1D9A5852BC4C-13248-00000D755C342C9A_zps5f7e9358.jpg photo 258F57CA-E1A9-4F99-B893-EBCAC45C4686-13248-00000D75634FC27B_zps10e13f58.jpg photo 90728DC6-783F-43EB-B6A7-3D3880FBC6A6-13248-00000D756B22A14B_zps27fd0dc2.jpg photo 63B98282-76FA-418D-9959-8BF8A4E24129-13248-00000D7574D7DC3B_zps1cae9dd1.jpg photo 06A714E8-9EAE-45E0-A17B-7B7556554488-13248-00000D757A31B1B6_zps7e8213ad.jpg photo E50CD1C6-87CE-4BE3-9F91-49D054C11634-13248-00000D757EECB48C_zps2e826022.jpg photo 16E84E59-EB35-4EC6-85F2-B1A9D7D36D68-13248-00000D7583A786E4_zpsdf336b91.jpg photo C5F01ACA-FDD9-4C26-B6BE-373B918299D4-13248-00000D758B0F7D32_zps2c8f6f02.jpg photo 974BC716-994B-41AA-9362-DEE82D16D7DC-13248-00000D759439C4C2_zps056cd9f0.jpg photo 37425E17-49D1-485B-B82F-79548BC6769D-13248-00000D75A2E04761_zps25543b55.jpg photo 1B0D35F9-E242-4C6F-9FC1-695746842191-13248-00000D75A984C671_zps7e1ea0c1.jpg photo B255BDA3-C2DB-4FE7-AAF1-38A2BD80FAD9-13248-00000D75AE51AB0C_zps630e18f9.jpg

That there is little guy deciding HE wanted to be the decision maker in getting dressed yesterday morning. Bless his heart, he is aspiring to be styling like his mama! Make a statement sweetie pie! Rock those dinasour pants and two-sizes-too-big hiking boots! Let no one say that my son is not confident.

Also, I'm a big old dummy. Every now and again you probably notice that I have one picture that isn't the same size as the rest. I have researched and tried adjusting sizes and figuring out this blogger thing, but I fail everytime and I believe that's why I am not rich and famous right now. Because I can't even figure out how to picture size in blogger. {holds thumb and index finger in the shape of an L against my forehead}

HOWEVER: that picture, the one that is not like the others, is a picture of us with our little niece at a childrens hospital in the city. She is Dan's youngest sister's 6 year old girl who has a rare genetic disorder called 1P36 deletion syndrome. Little Lexi ended up in the hospital with a bad bout of pneumonia and it was pretty scary for some time. But God is good and through some miracles and blessings, Lexi girl is back home now. We love that little girl, with her curly pigtails and her skinny chicken legs and her soul that speaks comfort to anyone near her. We are relieved that she is well and home. She's a warrior, that girl!

Some other things from last week: met up with one of my favorite college roomies for a double date, planted more veggies in the garden (tomatoes, corn and cucumbers), watched kid sis rock her leading roll in the youth shakespeare play, and even found time to spend an evening accross the mountain for some fresh raspberry shakes and a beautiful view of the lake. It was a full and eventful week!

Also, did you know that today is National Doughnut Day? I kind of wish it was National CAKE Day, but I do love me a good doughnut. Or is it DONUT? Anyway. I am at the office doing some paper work today when the hubs surprised me at the door to whisk me away for some doughnuts! If that's not true love. If you follow me on instagram and saw the picture, because what is instagram for if not to take a picture of every item of food I eat?, you'll notice that my doughnut looks extra delicious. Let me assure you, IT WAS. Lime in coconut, holy moly friends. I will regret it later but right now I'd like to say that it was worth it? Who knows.

So Happy Friday, but more importantly, Happy National Doughnut Day! Go get you some! Doughnuts, that is. And have a happy happy weekend friends!


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