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Today I am celebrating.

Celebrating that the week is over and the weekend is here.

Celebrating that I have an entire eleven days before I go back to work.

Celebrating the ice cold can of dr pepper sitting next to my keyboard.

Celebrating fun.

In our near future I see: bbq's and rodeos, boating and camping, lawn mowing and two-year-old-face kissing. It is going to be splendid! Splendid, I tell you!

You see, work has been crazy the past couple of months. And life has been crazy the past couple of months. It's been a tornado of crazy and it is proving hard to catch up. So Dan and I decided to BE DONE WITH IT. Take a week off work! Go do something fun! And THAT is why I am celebrating.

I hope you are celebrating something fun too? It's friday, so we all should be celebrating folks. Happy Friday!

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