Our weekend.

Saturday for date night we headed north to that famous preston night rodeo. That preston night rodeo is one of those small town traditions that makes you feel a little bit country and a lot a bit happy, and it's always a good time. Always. On the way through town the hubs surprised me by stopping at jimmy johns for a gourmet sandwich, which is a surprise since the hubs doesn't much care for that jimmy johns. Sometimes he does things just for me, and how sweet was that?! Only, I know, I know...we didn't get a rodeo burger but we learned our lesson when the lady sitting next to us at the rodeo opened her box and the smell just about made me faint. Next year, it will be for those rodeo burgers! But this year it was extremely thoughtful of the hubs, all the same.

We also spiced things up this year by placing bets with our friends on each event, which showed us that one, rodeos can really get exciting, and two, we are very unlucky by nature. Every person we bet on ended up being the worst, it seemed, but that's life? And we laughed a lot and we even won once so that kind of made me think that we have semi-good luck, which is better then just bad luck I suppose.

Anyway. Sometimes I dream of myself living in the city and drinking up the hustle and bustle, but then sometimes we spend a night at that small town rodeo and I think, goshdarnitall I sure love it here.

So there's that.

 photo 730D1229-D29F-44EA-8184-9B84B42CDFB1-10329-00000AEC6ED9F9C7_zps51c364d1.jpg photo 97AC264C-70FB-4289-BD89-E59E4B0511E4-10329-00000AEC9E4EA84B_zps20cd07f2.jpg photo 088A5855-626E-4072-AA2D-2F6A04E9A45A-10329-00000AECD174E5AF_zps82be46d2.jpg photo 5C8F3E35-ED8D-467D-A37D-7CC5BAD319BB-10329-00000AEC941DAF15_zps867cd8b4.jpg photo 426EDEA5-BFCB-47CB-BC4B-C3B4DB08A363-10329-00000AECDA2363C4_zpsd4210dfa.jpg photo BF8CC5AF-C827-438D-8455-40AB93522C0E-10329-00000AECE45A57EE_zpsa35877a4.jpg photo 23E58889-CF0B-4D19-8470-55CBE7CF9A72-10329-00000AECED0A97D7_zps3f320053.jpg photo 23467D2B-37D4-4BBA-BDF9-549388AC8972-10329-00000AECF707F63F_zps05a56d0b.jpg photo 486C4D09-51A3-4541-8E63-CF605B78F431-10329-00000AECFF090F27_zps64cba092.jpg photo 68F6B0B1-4AFA-4BCE-AFB0-7C8D4C28728E-10329-00000AED07065B4D_zpsbe519cf5.jpg photo 3C383B3E-F081-44E7-AEA2-4CD385FA4A1B-10329-00000AED114D9FC6_zpsfa6723b5.jpg photo C5DBDD5E-6CD6-434B-89A4-A0ABC84F6346-10329-00000AED1BF3B8A7_zps17ee551e.jpg photo 87B044C5-EAE7-4272-A8A6-B6F699600E95-10329-00000AECB348498D_zpse788ac07.jpg photo 5A69E757-F267-4D94-BE6D-F307B436A1D3-10329-00000AECA96AAC13_zpsf513e332.jpg

And then sunday night I was "goshdarnitall"-ing again because we had this amazing afternoon wind and hail storm that we watched from the comfort of our front porch, followed by roasting hot dogs up the canyon. I'm pretty sure this valley must be on the top ten of the most beautiful places to live in america. Am I right?! And I'm also pretty sure that I could realllyyy get used to these summer rain storms. Thank you mother nature for sending us a break from that heat!

 photo 5C4FE16E-0425-49BC-ABE1-98A86DB49CCE-10329-00000AED31E62531_zpseda27aa0.jpg photo 5B48F7BF-A258-4590-B26F-ED8B9AB669A4-10329-00000AED3E5F8D68_zps738994e7.jpg photo 56B74674-5009-4A51-A884-DD8D019C75BA-10329-00000AED462A28EB_zps21a2b583.jpg photo 2EA76EA0-9B13-480F-A029-DDEA04874602-10329-00000AED4F048C0A_zps457a6330.jpg photo AC85E887-95B4-4355-B565-2683F2BCF88A-10329-00000AED5E3B2296_zps153df2ba.jpg photo 97A3229B-358A-45A9-AE93-1F64834E01B4-10329-00000AED66E999EC_zps14e9c398.jpg photo 1D597A9B-BED2-44BC-9D50-2D2C3B3118D8-10329-00000AED7046A337_zpsd2b94b34.jpg photo 8204BCC5-6B73-409A-B821-53BD710B9B85-10329-00000AED7A306498_zps11e8390a.jpg photo 96B66B1C-7C8F-443E-A554-E0980C57E969-10329-00000AED8732BFDC_zps69ca9b9a.jpg photo 5776B0F6-9D6F-4F8A-9CD5-54F1B6A12AA2-10329-00000AED911CB7A9_zps60373fac.jpg photo 49096EB9-B223-47E0-B550-41B4C13A7266-10329-00000AED9BE73C62_zps97091967.jpg photo C8192F72-3712-4138-99E7-1CA94C663BE0-10329-00000AEDA82AD03E_zpscd7927b5.jpg photo 5B7A518F-58AF-41BF-8456-EC00CEAE389F-10329-00000AEDAF7D70C9_zps61b139de.jpg photo BFC86235-D4BB-410F-BDE5-23B8458465AC-10329-00000AEDBB12A396_zps7aeb5499.jpg photo 363D04E2-F80D-47DF-A8F8-C05F9F17BBAA-10329-00000AEDC189A443_zps3ae358ba.jpg
 photo 01319D69-F26A-4722-9CAA-02C7CB2E1717-10329-00000AEDCD4C9707_zpseefb2471.jpg

If you see any fingers blocking the camera up there, that's my awesome seven-year-old nephew who generously volunteered to take a million pictures on my iphone.

And that was most of our weekend in a hundred pictures! Beauty and horses and food and, shoot, I need a break. I also need to go on a run. And I still need to wash the campfire smell out of my hair. But, that's how you know the weekend was good?!

Later this week we will be heading out for a camping trip. The best kind of camping trip, because it involves a lake and a boat. Come follow me on insta, maybe you'll see my play-by-plays!

Ta ta, for now! Happy Monday!

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