A camping trip, a hundred pictures, and a need to cut my hair!

Last week we hit the road for a little road trip to a big reservoir with some family and a boat. This was all part of our "take a week off from the stress" plans, and oh how it proved well! We had a grand time camping and relaxing. Camping, in my humble opinion, is made one hundred times better if you do it near a lake. My boys and my puppy are all such water folk, they could live in it! And I could live with my toes in the sand, the sound of the waves splashing the shore and a fresh water breeze whipping through my hair! So it works out well, you see.

It should also be noted that on the way out of town we hit up a lovely roadside fruit and vegetable stand on the fruit highway and filled some bags with fruit and sweet corn. Call me a cheese, but there is something absolutely romantic about roadside fruit and vegetable stands. With their yellow and white tent covers and their brown woven baskets. Those homemade signs with words painted in thick black brush strokes on leftover warped wood, calling "Fresh peaches! Juicy pears!". They live to create nostalgia in the heart of summertime and they linger through the heat until autumn arrives, which fills them with thick husked corn and pumpkins of all sizes.

And that sweet corn! It makes for a great camping side dish.

Well anyhow, we all came home with patchy sunburns and dirt in the darndest places, which are both fine signs of a good camping trip, I say. And now! A hundred pictures from our trip for your viewing pleasure. Straight from our iphones! Enjoy!

 photo 5B77ECCC-287C-4F6A-BF1F-B48B4CE9B10D-2118-0000014FAF091274_zpsa1b9d897.jpg photo E865A1A3-6865-4D5C-8F42-EEDFFA3503FA-2118-0000014FC111F05A_zpse3e3e984.jpg photo 15F1FE67-80F6-467B-AE84-7F6F7DAAC364-2118-0000014FD11EBB01_zps5c9af438.jpg photo 45002442-B337-4E1C-8259-326BF35348A9-2118-0000014FEF9D2C55_zps18a59146.jpg photo 5D81A6DA-3BD5-4BFB-8C8A-5C7660AD3D04-2118-0000014FF7DBA55E_zpsf60b78fb.jpg photo 3680D842-2AD4-4CF2-B862-95794A815C0E-2118-0000015010AF21E0_zps2b0be99b.jpg photo 21B132FA-2D6F-4C6D-A433-F4685C639FD3-2118-000001501C9EE839_zpsc4a040e8.jpg photo 7515268C-8936-4504-8796-01D5A9C342CA-2118-0000015026D4E440_zpsc4ca259c.jpg photo ECE73A7B-9508-4734-AF48-E4DF3BFE6418-2118-000001502FD1A083_zps6bd66615.jpg photo 8F2CD403-2387-42C8-9834-17FE2CAB7A8A-2118-000001503BA2D500_zps3bb78ace.jpg photo 61EBEEC0-B9A7-42D6-8E66-ACF4DECB5233-2118-0000015053239BD8_zps01b1e05b.jpg photo C0421B07-DF1F-48F9-BEB1-13167D07241B-2118-000001505AB55914_zps72f4c03d.jpg photo 8CF0A173-C150-42EB-80C2-CF072AA8E45B-2118-000001504987AD8E_zps74bb41ab.jpg photo 4C8693F2-45ED-4DE5-B900-A93F7BDF077F-2118-00000150684721DF_zps3339474b.jpg photo 51FC8D5D-FE03-4D36-817C-388561271F1A-2118-000001507194EB73_zps482aa9ff.jpg photo 28F53874-7DB3-4331-9B40-C248B684A1F8-2118-000001508CA05EAC_zps8f0f089d.jpg photo D77A9972-CE54-4F16-8B09-D85BF872ECB6-2118-0000015095CA3E65_zps7864f344.jpg photo 5DD9C5EA-0FD9-47E4-800C-78AF5366E34A-2118-000001509DB1A7B2_zps5b403f99.jpg photo F6D286D6-04AA-431D-9C78-E83BCC114E96-2118-00000150AD46A6FE_zps15aae292.jpg photo 9971F314-ACA0-4656-A5A5-EB80D6C2C804-2118-00000150B2FE833B_zps4e0c9b68.jpg photo F970F1F6-AC1B-4233-A321-E846B8BC4D97-2118-00000151BE0504A0_zpsaef1b97a.jpg photo B168847B-8B68-4652-AB44-7660592B1519-2118-00000151412AC9F2_zpsc69bc288.jpg photo D4F898C3-6ADB-4A04-9059-5D855B45BD2A-2671-000001B644ACA067_zps3120d54a.jpg photo 96A5E364-F13E-4B2D-9624-1056372B588E-2118-00000150E0D1F1DF_zps4d6d2fbb.jpg photo 4474796D-BD59-47F2-A54D-2BBD1AA6D169-2118-0000015149DE0717_zps791e7883.jpg photo 510DD5C6-2433-46E8-9E05-FA03A24D6A7B-2118-0000015151E66FE9_zps94104fcc.jpg photo 9715FA91-C861-4126-A1AE-94FA5F97AC2B-2118-000001515A99CA64_zps7e1e9360.jpg photo AC15AF1E-31CF-48BB-ABCA-78F527C3E8E7-2118-0000015161E8FAA6_zps9e2a0285.jpg photo 66F09D8C-0E32-497F-B096-F5E5E1A0A02C-2118-000001516B1B47E3_zps7d9d8cae.jpg photo B1B4138F-ED80-47FB-B871-FDE184F71254-2118-000001517A9339FF_zps789e0682.jpg photo 3ADA33A3-75F1-4F5F-8D7D-A2CB805D31F6-2118-0000015172516674_zps1887f4bb.jpg photo E5AA383B-E1DF-4FC4-B797-AF10E7953E66-2118-000001518AD0FD2D_zps9667d2f9.jpg photo F5CB6D80-20A6-4457-968D-DD6AFD5A11FB-2118-00000151B4D6F24F_zps3cc45c5d.jpg photo E6B9BD92-394E-469E-B85C-C212636E1F42-2118-0000015190AA612D_zps59806c47.jpg photo 2F8E4B2F-F687-421C-BFD2-21D092E8D1A1-2118-0000015196C8A671_zps50b53d13.jpg photo 5549BCDD-337D-4B5C-A1D0-4298D8FBFB86-2118-000001519CAFD5F4_zpsec147cec.jpg photo 5FA7DEC6-0AC1-498B-9F5F-2891DBA176DF-2118-00000151A3792D6E_zps357fef75.jpg photo 14293083-DB8B-40D6-A287-37DCE093D4F3-2118-00000151B9418D96_zps67accf93.jpg photo E26C9323-F83F-40EE-B92B-109A2B720884-2118-00000151C2A6E7CB_zps5896ed0e.jpg

 photo EE24F32F-A707-4EEE-A9AA-72FCF3CD7A80-2118-00000151AE15C48E_zps83bcaaf9.jpg

And there you have it folks. A grand de-stressing if I do say so myself.

On another note, I was up until two o'clock in the morning last night. Last night? This morning? Anway, a nasty restless bug has hit me as of late and I often find myself awake into the wee hours of the morning. It's something awful. So as I couldn't sleep last night, I found myself looking through hundreds of pictures of Sienna Miller and I am just dying to have her hair. This entire summer I have been fighting the itch to chop my hair, but the truth is that I can feel myself losing the fight. I need to chop it! Chop it and be free! Now I haven't made any final decisions yet, but if it's keeping me awake at night I think that's a big sign. I'm thinking something like: this, this and this. Not drastic, but just enough. I feel so liberated just thinking about it you guys.

So alls I'm sayin' is. Prepare yourselves.

Shoot, I have so many thoughts on the matter that maybe you'll get a whole blog post on it! Cutting my hair, from the mouth of Meg! It will be my most boring post yet and you will love it!

Until then. I have lots of laundry to do and I've been putting it off all morning, so. I better get to it. And also-the bachelorette season finale tonight! Let's all just say it together: BROOKS YOU IDIOT! Gah. I can't get over this season, and I might shed a tear tonight as it ends. Okay, calm down, I'm kidding. I won't cry. But I might.

Well shoot now, if this hasn't turned into the most girly post ever? Hair cuts and the bachelorette??! I had good intentions you guys, I didn't mean for it to come to this. Please accept my apology. Even though I'm not really sorry but if it makes you feel better, I'll apologize all the same.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I fully support the haircut idea. So cute!!!! Loved the pictures!!! And brooks is an idiot.