Celebrations: a day in pictures.

 photo F55EA086-7691-4A00-B9C7-23FD69DF63E6-19895-000017B27C9D7CEE_zps888c2e33.jpg photo 062A5C66-8013-4D84-90A0-06268B8E3370-19895-000017B2821861F2_zps6c207ff6.jpg photo B0D389E4-32EB-49D3-B80B-337D659EC885-19986-000017B953B6EBB9_zpse1511062.jpg

// On my birthday morning I woke up to a sweet surprise: these lovelies at the foot of my  bed. Lately I've been obsessed with indoor plants, and I've had my eye set on these beauties for months. They are called birds of paradise. Aren't they pretty? And does that really mark my age, when I am excited about indoor plants for my birthday??

 photo 846B2F27-1144-420E-92CB-1085634A2F0A-19895-000017B2290D7E64_zpsa59ee976.jpg photo 2E3CBD6B-062A-4C18-BC31-3268C44DFD29-19895-000017B23403F1D8_zpsf9904420.jpg photo 1E340523-7EC1-41D2-8150-DDD67B5738A2-19895-000017B3CEE5B004_zps96852404.jpg photo 8DFBA71E-B2EE-4D4B-ADEE-6BE809629100-19895-000017B25A750199_zpsaedd7d07.jpg photo 98FBF0DC-6E63-4315-A8EE-0A30BD0DBC6D-19895-000017B24D337FD7_zps19d8a496.jpg photo F7B34E26-61D0-466A-900A-BBD57D0ABCAF-19895-000017B289D2FFB8_zps8bc1b35f.jpg photo 19F2999C-88D0-41E7-ABFD-68674DC0DD0A-19895-000017B2709F1EEC_zps274b61a3.jpg

// Just after we woke up, my boys took me out to a birthday breakfast at the crepery, which is the cutest little diner in town.

 photo 5C945B67-FF68-4C3C-8198-709640751EF2-19895-000017B29B43113A_zpsb77acc4c.jpg photo 6BA39394-2B33-46C6-AA93-3567FEF504D6-19895-000017B2A1345032_zps7b7680cb.jpg photo 675D9F24-994A-4E01-9B4E-0E23BC269F1D-19895-000017B2A7F58C8C_zpsbf98f055.jpg

// After breakfast we headed down to the city for some birthday shopping. For hours I shopped while the hubs was on toddler duty and bless his heart! Not many pictures were taken at city creek because I spent most of my time in dressing rooms. ;)

 photo 6299AB51-71D5-448A-B920-F6CFEB5AB4EC-19895-000017B2AF8761D0_zpscac5cefb.jpg photo 2D1B9BFB-7415-4D6D-9A5D-260F056E140E-19895-000017B2B8A75F95_zpseb41ed9e.jpg photo 480F587C-CDEE-442D-A928-8C7505C792A0-19895-000017B2C130DA20_zpscfdcc54f.jpg photo B93DC437-5B9F-496F-87C0-21733DA2202C-19895-000017B2C799A4AE_zps42b372ce.jpg photo B022153B-C4E1-471B-BDBC-2D2FF5ADE7F7-19895-000017B2DEEC743C_zps6b1ee8de.jpg photo 97A5CF28-0F08-48BE-8349-80F24EC6ABE3-19920-000017B45F459140_zpsbb5a4288.jpg photo 214A4198-EEC1-4556-A76E-FB012A19F559-19920-000017B466A16D0F_zps8fe48a3b.jpg

// Following our shopping trip we drove down the block and took this little stinker to the children's museum. It was grandma's treat, since it was an exhibit opening for her work, and what a fun exhibit! Little dude was running off of no nap + hours of shopping, so...let's just say he wasn't his best self. But he did have fun and we somehow escaped the museum at quitting time without the melt down of the century, so...I'll take it.

 photo 24C6232A-4901-4012-8BD8-BDE2271E24E1-19895-000017B2FA8DB39F_zps6b4d9745.jpg photo E34D6E26-96ED-416A-B081-12880307716A-19895-000017B2D64484D3_zps2fcc080c.jpg photo 8FD101FB-E4CD-4408-9EE7-2F5078D7A015-19895-000017B3068B6509_zps34665ed3.jpg

//After the museum my family took us out to dinner at a fancy steakhouse. I ordered the kind of steak that gives me leftovers for days, and I even got a slice of complimentary coconut cream pie! Hot dang!

 photo 337C4E12-033C-4912-903E-FE7A7F88C6F4-19895-000017B352B9148F_zps304e56a0.jpg

// And THIS red velvet birthday cake, because the hubs knows me too well, will be my meals for the next week. I am going to eat this cake until I am gloriously fat, and there is nothing you can do to stop me!

To sum it up, my birthday was grand. The hubs spoiled me rotten and my family spoiled me some more and it was all in good company, all day long.

And now. Now! The hubs birthday is in two days so, let the celebrations continue! Because there is just no such thing as too much birthday cake!

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