Sunday Funday.

// This morning we set out to mcd's for the breakfast of champions, because no matter how much I try I just can't stay away from those mcgriddles. And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a sign that the pumpkin spice latte's are here!? Perfection.

Our sunday breakfast was followed with a long drive up the canyon where we couldn't help but notice that the leaves are starting to show flecks of yellow and gold. Could it be? And as if all of that wasn't enough, the air was perfectly crisp and cool. Jacket weather, steaming latte's in our hands, boots on our feet. (minus the hubs who doesn't give up his flip flops until the snow hits.) It was all so anne of green gables romantic. As fall always is.

And here's the thing you guys. I think it's no secret by now that I am insanely moody when it comes to the seasons. Summer, I love Summer, give me more Summer! Then Summer comes and it's, Fall! I need cool air! Gimmee Fall! And of course after a long, dreary winter I am always antsy for the flowers and sunshine of spring.

But the truth is, it's not that I love one or the other of these seasons more. It's not! Truly! It's that I love them all so much. They each have wonderful things to offer, and as if they were my children and I didn't want to hurt their feelings, I could never tell you which one was my favorite. I will take it to the grave that I don't have a favorite. They are all perfect and lovely in their own unique ways.

But I think we can all agree that I have never nor will I ever love winter. Winter isn't one of my children, so that doesn't make me a bad season-mother you know. Winter is the neighbor boy that keeps sneaking over to our house and stealing cookies from our cookie jar. And winter always tries to pull the rug out from under fall. Which is just rude.

So as it seems that fall is here to stay, let me address it: I love you fall, but stick around for a while will you? Stay as long as you like. Keep that snow away.

And fall, thank you for today. It was a BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT fall-feeling day. Here, see for yourself:

 photo CE8365C3-4B62-4C1E-980E-44E0C9CBB137-19479-000016E69F00191E_zps13d04b6b.jpg photo 0F7D75CB-B17E-48CD-BDA2-B8546345FAC0-19479-000016DFCE13A628_zps09c4f028.jpg photo 399A565F-E38A-4E1C-9898-4073FE116657-19479-000016E30357DD6E_zps5b101994.jpg photo 734A4BD0-C845-4946-AEDE-B1AC627EC408-19479-000016DFD9982462_zps10370703.jpg photo D7F77A3F-475C-4998-8F54-811ED3F5A05D-19479-000016DFEC0CF3DF_zps1b0fcee3.jpg photo BBD7E0C2-8DFA-4A83-A255-F45C00BEA4A8-19479-000016DFF20C66D2_zps8b0b5800.jpg photo D12879EC-834A-43BC-B164-84A6AC508AA4-19479-000016DFF8A559AF_zps4ee67492.jpg photo 62F2D890-5852-4724-B8B3-4327ED021CDE-19479-000016DFFF214793_zps2358f780.jpg photo 643C1301-F2EE-4E83-8ECB-FBBCF7F8B5DD-19479-000016E69676EF77_zps79e7b9cd.jpg photo 060C3EBA-936A-4437-A8E6-34A0A31725CC-19479-000016E00C4C8FC3_zps2c491246.jpg photo 7931AA0E-9E9A-4B37-A36F-4E07FED67EA3-19479-000016E014E2C101_zps247d43a9.jpg photo 7BA9CB77-3FDF-49A7-B555-6A321C7970C6-19479-000016E01E45D7A2_zpsdbca340b.jpg photo A27EF77D-C9A3-42A5-A711-BA9D4178CDE4-19479-000016E024B59B27_zps94107683.jpg photo D21830CC-5DC5-4779-B652-C52C47A8A386-19479-000016E02AE0B498_zps1c584610.jpg photo 07907B8A-3D1C-4D4A-AA03-BDFBB884E704-19479-000016E030B6B440_zps467db4a1.jpg

 // Also, I haven't forgotten to update you on my birthday! Plan on a post very soon, possibly tomorrow, filled with pictures from the big day. I know, I know, you can't wait!

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