The Kid at two and a half.

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 Have I ever mentioned how fun two years old is?

It's also a real piece of work and exhausting, but fun nonetheless. The hard parts of the two year old age is those mood swings. Good gravy, those mood swings! But the melt downs aren't as terrible as what I thought they might be, and if you learn the art of distraction just right you can prevent like seventy percent of them anyway.

But then there is the fun. The cuteness! Oh my lanta, he gets cuter and cuter. The more his vocabulary increases the more he keeps blowing my mind. I am always asking myself, where did he get that from?!

For example, the other day while we were staying at a friends house he got ahold of their oldest sons lightning mcqueen backpack. Just like that he strapped the backpack on his back, slipped on my boots, reached up to open the front door and said, "Buh-bye mom! Going to school!"

I died. First of all, where did he even learn that? He has no older siblings, you know. I didn't even know that he knew what a backpack was! It was the cutest thing, and it also broke my heart a little bit.

And right now his favorite phrase is, "No way!" Another thing I have no idea where he picked up. He says it to anything nowdays.

"Jace, it's time to come inside."
"No way!"

"Jace, do you want to watch seasame street?"
"No way!"

"It's time for bed."
"No way!"

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetra.

Or how about when he does something he is proud of, that is one of my favorites. Like puzzles, for example. This kid loves a good puzzle! Whenever he finds the piece that fits he says, "You did it mommy!" Anything he does. "You did it! You did it mommy!" Melts me like butter.

And then there is bedtime, which is something for daddy to brag about. Come bedtime mister J wants nothing to do with me, and everything to do with daddy. I haven't put him to bed for months. Every single night it's the same thing: I tell him it's time for bed, he runs to daddy. I put him to bed, he cries for daddy. "Get daddy!" He tells me. So I do, and daddy climbs in bed with him and they cuddle until one of them falls asleep.

He is a ball of energy who loves adventures and exploring.
He is stubborn and temperamental.
He is sensitive, and that one scares me the most. A boy so sensitive who gets his feelings hurt so easily is going to have a rough time in the real world. Oh how I wish I could keep him from the real, cruel world forever.
He has this amazing sense of humor and can be such a huge goofball that always makes us laugh. He has always been a happy boy with the most contagious laugh I've ever heard.
He has a natural knack for technology already.
He doesn't sleep in.
He isn't one bit touchy-feely, and if you get a hug or kiss from him you should consider yourself very lucky!
He's all boy. Not to be stereotypical or anything, but he's just ALL BOY this one.

Whoa, wait a minute. Did I just describe his dad to a T or what?! The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.

Listen, I do think it's ridiculous when people try to speculate what their toddlers will be when they grow up, because hello?! But at the same time, I can see in Jace the same passions and loves that his dad has. His excitement when he watches bike tricks and skydivers and rock climbers. I can see so much of his dad in him, and I'll be darned if they don't butt heads already. They are well on the road to butting heads and being best friends all at the same time.

Which means I'm going to get ganged up on a lot.


Holy cow, I love these boys of mine. They just make my heart sing.

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