lately, in pictures.


I'm loving this rain because it makes me feel like warmer weathered days are just around the corner. This past week has kind of been lovely in that I feel some sort of hope lingering when I see our grass and snippets of sunshine and warmth.

Did you have a good valentines day? I spent most of the day with my little buddy, and then went on a double date with the hubs and friends to our favorite mongolian grill followed by the banff film festival. It was a grand night in good company and we left the film feeling very inspired to live life to the fullest and have more adventures together.

Today is presidents day but the hubs is working and I'm doing all of my very least favorite things, like laundry and dishes, so it doesn't much feel like a holiday to us. I'm still getting over this lingering head cold that has kicked my trash for all of february and I'm trying to find my motivation somewhere, have you seen it? I hope to find it soon. It's not yet noon so there is still the hope that this monday could turn better once I wake up a little bit.


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