life lately in pictures and thoughts

 photo F55BC4DB-7AA4-41BA-9505-8FB80C2FA085.jpg photo 89044041-2CAC-402C-BB76-C30D5340BDA5.jpg photo 6CF200D9-6183-43D3-877C-71AF157E5D06.jpg photo 0B488D50-C439-4AFF-A497-9F2895264FBD.jpg photo 671C326F-EE5A-4976-A00D-F8FB859C145B.jpg photo E72D88DD-A641-42CA-A943-E5D6B1D2DE2A.jpg photo 35FBE287-4F7F-4D6C-BED8-1F81AF373D5B.jpg
^^ some very pregnant modeling at my baby shower. i had such a fun time at my shower and we got spoiled with diapers galore, which is so nice and so wonderful. I have the best people in my life, I tell you what.

 photo 39D2AF17-3693-4B76-946A-835E8A8E1B13.jpg photo F939CEC7-91F0-4877-94FC-2B660E6F437E.jpg photo F97E2858-3C96-4690-AEF5-169F071C2CD1.jpg
^^ we hit up a small town parade the resulted in more loot than halloween! i've never seen so much candy thrown at a parade. jace was in heaven, what with all of the firetrucks and fourwheelers and police cars and, of course, taffy. he would hold out his hands and sweetly call out, "throw me! throw me candy! yay, throw me!" to every vehicle that passed, and no surprise he melted all of their hearts. i mean really, how could they resist?

 photo 5B9AD957-2367-4EEE-B769-68FBCA7F1E12.jpg photo 11981E0E-1C90-47A6-A980-BFEA5801183A.jpg
^^ curbing projects that turned out fantastic.

 photo 18DB6AE2-5F71-45ED-84A1-4022BEB6574C.jpg photo 55DC63C8-0793-48B9-9FA1-20060955FB11.jpg photo 9129A62A-0636-488B-BF7D-837479DED4B3.jpg photo 603B88D0-D6BF-4DF7-ADCB-FD40E3B31D67.jpg
^^ we did some flower garden shopping at the greenhouse, and finally planted some grass and flowers in those lonely beds of ours.

 photo BD77EB8E-123E-4830-85DE-27AD04F8F039.jpg photo F4434C88-CA79-4D39-97B7-1D2A48FDBA5C.jpg photo 957788E7-8BB6-4A8F-B56D-EC0B86FC01FA.jpg photo 98C0CE06-1DBE-4C7A-B0E1-6A8A6AF65B48.jpg
^^ evening walks in our neighborhood that make me remember how much this gorgeous valley spoils us.

 photo 6DA53A8A-8310-46DD-8EC0-09CC544569F9.jpg photo 29DDEC30-69B8-4F0B-A5BC-C8A75DBD39BA.jpg photo 215CB428-2C7E-43FE-98C4-338CA57F70CF.jpg photo DC7B1143-3930-4552-82BA-E15AC103DE2F.jpg photo B5DC9048-EFA6-4C41-87C4-A8EB4A7A462F.jpg photo F168902C-D223-4AE1-9D52-E9C0BB226A55.jpg photo 597F9AE8-189F-4EF8-BF5C-EAF7E2E7E88A.jpg photo 84AFAD3F-DD50-499E-8CFA-6F814236FCA8.jpg photo 796AE2F2-2428-4487-B4DD-7C7FCF3A9B1E.jpg photo EFA7AA61-2494-4667-90B4-BF9A7C18FF6D.jpg photo E85D7C5E-59EF-4120-9442-FE907B9F1BBB.jpg photo F094E79F-7810-4DD9-B3A0-446A736CDC08.jpg photo BF75845C-77E9-4EAD-843E-44CC43AA06ED.jpg photo 3C1E07D3-7EFA-42EC-8741-A46FE1D34920.jpg photo 2B33BD16-BA2F-4933-BB5F-F9B4DC1C60ED.jpg
^^memorial weekend at the cabin. i wasn't crazy enough to pitch a tent, but we were up there for dinner and breakfast and two days in the wilderness. so even though we came home to sleep in our own comfy bed with our smoky camp fire hair, it still felt like the first camp trip of the year.

 photo 0470D96F-B49E-4180-A391-1A9FBBA6A7D5.jpg
^^ homemade orange meringue pie from my papa's kitchen. holy moly is that some good stuff.

 photo 440F6563-1B83-407A-BC5D-995E0B149941.jpg photo 2368572C-3F31-45C2-84EC-586EE875AA40.jpg
^^ the garden is flourishing, and lettuce is ripe for the pickin'! fresh salads for months, i tell you.

 photo 907F583A-E2B3-4F6B-BD2E-6BADFE3068AE.jpg
^^ a beautiful sunsest after a nice family dinner at maddox.

 photo 90530FBD-11AB-4997-88A4-437598AB4AC9.jpg
^^ the shelf that jace gets to sit on these days.

and how's that for a real overload of pictures? what can i say, it's just what i do.

this week started off really rough, you know the whole back to the grind after a holiday weekend thing. but it's friday now and i'm feeling like the week really took a turn for the best. it's been so much warmth and sun and popsicles and even a little bit of accomplishments, like working on the nursery and vacuuming the house.

yesterday i had a blueberry bagel smeared in honey almond cream cheese side by side with a fresh blackberry lemonade, and it really stirred up some good thoughts in me. carbs really wake up my brain, you know? i mean sure i love a good green salad but the money is in the carbs. i can't live without them. and the truth is that ever since that bagel moment of thoughts, i've felt incredibly motivated and happy. also, it's the weekend so i think that's got something to do with it. i just love the unknown of life sometimes, don't you? it's scary as crap but also, it's terribly exhilarating. living life day to day and knowing that you might not even be here to see the next day. so you make everyday the best you can, and when your head hits your pillow at night you just smile because life is so damn good. even those really hard moments, they're so good. because they're real and you're alive and this is life.

it's especially exhilarating right now, because our unknown is so very unknown. a huge new experience is upon us now, a new baby fresh from heaven on his way soon, a whole change to life that's really going to rock our boat a bit. it's exciting and scary and i genuinely believe that life is best when it's really exciting and scary. i love the adrenaline rush, the anticipation and the hope and the uncertainty. i love working hard for something and then seeing the rewards. it's all so stupid, how much i love it.

and yes, i think i'll eat more bagels and cream cheese. i think bagels do good things for the soul.

happy, happy weekend friends.



  1. I love these pictures Meghan! Sheylee said she met you guys down at the yard...her exact words..."Do you know a cute blonde pregnant lady and her husband... who are really nice?" :)

  2. Carbs are most definitely good for the soul :). And you are looking fantastic!! I absolutely adore your little black dress and floral kimono (is that what you'd call it??) ensemble. Seriously, so dang cute.