my six week plan, the post baby edition


it has been hard for me to get on here and post something regularly, besides a weekly iphone photo dump. i'm convinced that babies have a sixth sense that makes them needy whenever we mothers are about to do anything for ourselves. i can't tell you how many times i've sat down at the computer to do a blog post, but instead ended up with a previously-sleeping-but-now-fussy-and-needing-to-be-held baby in my arms.

save, exit, shutdown, maybe next time. lather, rinse, repeat.

so, here's a post i will hopefully publish at some point.

let's talk about getting fit post pregnancy. you know you want to.

i just started a "summer tracking program" at the local rec center. it's a six week program that helps motivate you to stay in shape and be healthy. it motivates you by giving you free pool passes for completing your weekly goals, and come on, if that's not motivation?!

this tracking program holds you accountable through the initials of another person that knows you met your goals. hubs, remember how i went running this morning? initial here! that kind of thing. through this program you set endurance goals and strength goals and crossing training goals. and i'm doing it with my girlfriends so i've got more motivation. it's all about having a support system, i say! do it together!

and thank goodness getting a good nights sleep isn't a part of the program, because that would be my downfall right now. i'm at the will i ever get a good nights sleep again stage of life.

(and hey, even though i wasn't able to take advantage of it because fate is cruel that way, b slept FIVE HOURS STRAIGHT last night and HALLELUJAH! i'll take more of that, please!)

so i thought i would share a little more on my six week plan, in case you needed motivation or wanted in on the fun. it's not like you have to have just had a baby to steal some of these goals and ideas!


a lot of people get discouraged by not having immediate results when they decide to set fitness goals. it's nice to come up with an exact date. i've got a six week plan, so august sixteenth is my date. it's a light at the end of the tunnel, something to look forward to.

and without further adieu, here is my current six week fitness plan:

> train for a 10k race, to run at the end of august. here is a good six week training program for a 10k. i'm super rusty on the running, since i just had a baby and didn't run while pregnant. so this will be FUN.

> muscle conditioning twice a week. currently i'm using a power toning class at the rec center for my muscle conditioning.

> cardio three times a week. i'll be using my 10k training as my cardio, but if you're not a runner and if you can swing it, i highly recommend cardio classes at a gym. i have found that being with a group of people and having an instructor push me really motivates me to work harder. some great cardio classes to try: zumba or a dance class, piyo, kickboxing, turbo kick, and power yoga.

> yoga five days a week. yoga is such an essential for my mind. the meditation aspect of yoga is incredibly calming and really sets the tone for my entire day. i'm currently doing this postnatal yoga dvd from home, but as my body recovers i'm looking forward to yoga classes at the gym or a yoga studio in town.

my six week nutrition goals:

i have to be careful that i'm not too hardcore with nutrition. hear me out on this one: if i become a calorie counting machine, i become miserable. if i put myself on a strict diet, i become miserable. i know i've emphasized this on my blog before, but for me the absolute key is: all things in moderation. i watch the amounts i consume. i do keep a "food journal", not to count calories but to keep myself aware of what i'm eating. writing it down everyday so that i can see it in front of me honestly makes me eat healthier. but i don't deprive myself of foods i love.

> daily fruits and veggies. it's simple and basic and i need to be better at this, so it's a part of my six week plan. some easy ways to make sure i get my 5 a day:
^morning smoothies. i use a magic bullet, and typically i just throw in yogurt, oatmeal, almond milk, and then whatever fruit i have on hand.
^make veggies my snacks. instead of snack foods, i try to grab veggies when i'm feeling munchie. snap peas, carrots, a salad with toppings.
^eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal.
^have pre-cut fruits and veggies in ziplock bags, prepared at the beginning of the week and stored in the fridge.

>one can of soda per week. again, i can't deprive myself completely so i've allowed myself a splurge.

>load up on water. this one is easy for me, but i keep it on my six week plan just as a reminder.

>cut sweets intake by half. this is a part of the summer tracking program, and it's another goal i like because it doesn't try to completely deprive you of sweets. if you eat two sweets a day, cut it in half and have only one. if you splurge on sweets twice a week, only have them once.

and that is the basics of my six week plan. also, part of the tracking program is to set endurance goals and strength goals, so that you are really pushing yourself.

writing it all down to keep track of it is essential! make a document in word or write it in a notebook with check boxes. find someone to hold you accountable for meeting your goals. luckily, i have a card for this summer tracking program that i'll be doing. (if you're local and you want to join in, head over to the logan rec center and pick yours up! it started yesterday, so hurry your buns!)

and there is my yearly fitness post, sponsored by no one and approved by me.

get er done!

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