five things


^^ if you're my facebook or IG friend, it's no secret that i've been in love with my new fitbit flex. for so many reasons, the main one being that it has made me so aware. i've been much more cautious about what i'm putting into my body, much more active, and overall much more healthy. holy smokes i love this thing.

^^ thank you god for target. i've been obsessed with oversized comfy tshirts, and hands down the best i have found so far are these mossimo t's at target. if you haven't noticed, these three t's have been worn on repeat all summer long.

^^ this instant pore eraser. my strawberry nose thanks you, maybelline.(i found mine at walgreens.)

^^ best foods mayo with olive oil. much healthier than mayo, but much better tasting than light mayo. because i like mayo so much that i spoon it straight from the jar. (just kidding! or am i?)

^^ this lipton green tea and honey, mango pineapple flavored go packs. 5 calories of delightful, healthy and energizing! if you haven't heard the benefits of green tea, i mean really.

// and there you have it! bringing back the ol' five things i'm loving this week, errr friday folks. you're welcome.

and aren't we so glad that it's finally friday?! i'm ridiculous in that i always beg time to please slow the heck down and for heavens sake stop going so fast!, but then monday rolls around and i'm just wishing for friday. every single week. i'm nothing but a walking contradiction.

i just love me some weekend.

we have plans of taking the j-ster rock climbing for his first time this weekend, and i've been looking forward to this all summer! j man loves the idea of rock climbing. i love him for so many reasons, and one of those reasons is that he's so much like his daddy. it's golden.

once climbing is checked off the list, he's also been begging to go roller skating, golfing and skiing. the list is getting longer, and all i know is thank goodness for him to keep us young. life through his eyes is kind of the best. when you grow up and get all jaded on life and responsibilities and work, well it's just so needed to have a kid that gives you new glasses to look through. everything is such an adventure.

happy friday friends!


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