what day is it anyway?

I feel like it has been a very long time since I have graced the world with a blog post. Has it been a very long time? It has been quite the tornado of a december, and blogging wasn't high on my priority list. Neither was sleep.

Now Christmas has come and gone, the Christmas decorations are back in their storage buckets, and the home no longer looks like a bomb of toys dropped down on us. My boys are finally over their bouts of sickness and we all slept through the night for the past three nights in a row now. Keep 'em comin'! It's this glorious light at the end of the crazy tunnel, that's what it is.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas? Ours was splendid, as we could only have hoped. We were spoiled in gifts and love and food. Oh the food! It's grand, isn't it?

I've had quite the bucket full of fascinating thoughts lately, as I often do when approaching a new year. My mind is this paperback novel at the end of december, pages and pages of my dreams and hopes and goals. My thoughts on life are always at their peak just before a new year. (This is quite normal, I'm just sure.) But my prodigiously optimistic self is just so very excited for the things this upcoming year will bring! And I plan to share them with you, you know. Once I get back into the groove of things. Oh how excited I am to get back into the groove of things!

Today, though. Today is for pictures. Enjoy!

Oh and btw, go see Unbroken. You won't regret. Hashtag best movie of the year.

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