Is it entirely cliche to do a New Year's resolutions post? I suppose I'm nothing if not entirely cliche, so let's get on with it shall we?

"Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore."

As the year was winding down, I spent many a sleepless hour reflecting on the impact of people in our lives. I've lived 30 years so far, and that's quite some time don't you think? It's a beautiful amount of time. I feel wise and learned, while also still having so much room for more growth and more learning.

One of my very wisest and favorite lessons learned so far in my life is the truth of how much our life is our own. How so many will come along, whether those we know well or those who we don't know at all, and expect you to be living their life. I strongly believe that each person has a gift of their own divine intuition. I'd like to live life trusting and hoping that each person is following their own intuition, one that will lead them to where they need to be. And I live with the hope that others will trust that I'm also intelligently and passionately staying true to mine. The black and white and right and wrong gets strewn around in a pot of bitter beef stew, until there is no winning. Until there is no chance for that stew coming out remotely edible. No one wins because they forget that winning and being right aren't at all the ingredients we need.

I also believe the impact of people to lift us up or drag us down is perhaps the most hugely underestimated ability we humans have. That the basic line at the end of any thought process should always be love. That we should stay far away from any place that will bring down on us judgement and the inability to love. Not tolerate, but truly love and inspire.

This year I felt a lot of negativity. Sometimes from people I didn't know, sometimes from family, sometimes even from friends. And being the sensitive person I am, I take these things very personally and they can easily drag me down with them. I become angry and bitter and hurt. I can't do that anymore, I won't do that anymore. I have to learn to let things go. To ignore them. To continue on my path and not be deterred by the petty things that people do or say.

I want to be a person who inspires and loves without reserve. A person who carries good vibes with her everywhere she goes. And in the same regards, I want to surround myself with people who inspire me and love me. Life is too short for negativity, for judgments, for jealousy and competing against one another. In 2015 I'm staying away from any negative vibes that come my way. I am going to work hard to keep myself and my family away from anything and anyone who would try to drag us down.

In my home, we are confident. We are happy. We are strong. We try to be better everyday. We love each other always. We know our self worth. We dwell in a home of positive thinking. And we hold our shields to any negatively contaminated arrows that are being shot in our direction trying to take down our happiness.

Also for this year:

> re-read the classics. to kill a mockingbird, the hobbit, withering heights, the catcher in the rye, little women

> travel more with my honeys. roadtrips to seattle, vegas, banff. a kayaking camping trip.

> be healthy. find the foods that drag me down and get rid of them from my diet. fuel my body and train hard. get a set of abs. be strong.

> wake up 45 minutes earlier each morning to write. write, write, write. because it fulfills me.

> sleep less, live more. (KEEP doing this, because I'm doing much of it already...)

> unplug more often. buy a nice point and shoot so I can take my pictures while leaving my phone home.

> find new coffee shops. spend time alone more often to inspire my creative side.

I know the whole "new year's resolutions" concept carries with it some pretty lousy statistics. But as for me, I truly love them. I love them all year round. I love goals, resolutions and inspiration. I love living life working towards something big. I love ending the year looking back and reflecting on how much I have accomplished. I love the hope, something to work towards and look forward to.

To you, 2015, I say: welcome. I have a good feeling about you.


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