let's go snowshoeing

Raise your hand if you're jonesing for spring! If you raised your hand please rest assured that you aren't alone. Also though, let me offer you a little harsh advice: just go ahead and accept it already because we still have a long winter ahead of us.

January and I have a longstanding complicated relationship. I think, if at all possible, January is the month of good-intentions. He tries (it's a him?) to teach me real life lessons through his bitter cold. He assures me that he can't change who he is. He blames the axial tilt of the earth. And all of the logical reasoning in me understands him. Sure! Of course you can't change! Of course we need you to be who you are! So why do I keep holding onto this small shred of hope in the deepest cracks of my soul, the ones filled with sunshine and warmth, this shred of hope that this year he might change!?

It's not him, it's me. That's what I tell him each year as the month rolls to an end, and with it our terribly unchanging relationship. Austa lavista sucker! Catch you next year! And he scoffs a bit because he knows we'll both be back. Perhaps he has some shred of hope that I'll be the one to change, the one to love him for who he is and not resent him for who I want him to be.

Now it's only January the seventh, which is such terribly bad news for me and my awfully pretentious relationship with this month. Would you know this week has already felt like a year in itself? Those kind of long weeks seem to happen most often, if not only, in January. I haven't quite come to terms with this yet.

However we do have our occasional good times, January and I. Like this past Sunday when my people and I bundled up in our winter best, packed up the snowshoes and headed to our favorite spot up the canyon for some light snowshoeing. It was light because it was Jace's first, you know. Santa just brought him a new pair of snowshoes and he was eager to try them, although he had no idea what they were. But they were red! And so long as it's red, he'll love it. He truly did impress us with his endurance and we all had a grand time, even (especially!) Beck who was strapped to dad's back and giggled away with his frost bitten rosy-red cheeks as we tromped through the snow. I think Beck and Jace have a slightly better relationship with January than I. I suppose they'll become jaded as the years go by. Or they'll become snowboarders, it could go either way.

^ that view though, amirite?! I love the mountains so.

PS A couple of months ago I cut out sugary treats, did you hear? I also cut out, and this is the kicker, BREAD. I think cutting out bread in itself was the most beneficial thing that I did. And I'm still waking up all-too-early every morning to work out. The good news is, I am feeling better than ever! Strong and happy and all that. Getting up in the mornings isn't a breeze but it's one-thousand times easier than it was when I first started. I hit my goal weight (my pre-both babies weight!) and those stubborn abs are on the horizon! It's wonderful, and seven days into our new year's resolutions I just want to be the cliché poster board of assurance that you can do anything you set your mind to. It's hard, so hard. But it gets easier with dedication and consistency. It's so worth it to be healthy and strong!

If that's your kind of thing, you know.

Oh, and the bad news. The bad news is that I still fight the urge to stay up until midnight every night eating cookie dough and watching 90's movies. (insert emoji face with tears streaming) hashtag I miss cookie dough the most. hashtag tell that to my abs when they get here. hashtag at least I still have popcorn.

(I wonder when I'll stop with the hashtag jokes. I also wonder when I'll stop using them for reals. I like to keep myself and everyone else in suspense. Will she ever get sick of them? Will she still use the hashtag when she's sixty? Who knows, really! Anything could happen!)

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