It's Friday! I'm late to the party, I know. Since I got home from my kick-ass kickboxing class at the crack of dawn this morning, I've been either feeding a child, rocking a child, playing "police chase" with a child or cleaning up after a child, and I'm just now sitting down at the computer to do a friday blog post. And you should know, I'm doing this BEFORE I shower or get ready for the day. Is it really 1:00 already?!

Hashtag this is the life.

Here is my friday round up for the week. Pop yo'self a bowl of popcorn!

>> THIS cover of 500 miles. (swoon.)("if this cover doesn't make you want to fall in love right this second with the person closest to your vicinity, then i fear for your overall capability to feel emotion." ha!)

>> THIS thought provoking article about mormon women and boob jobs.

>> THIS is what I will be doing sunday night! you too?

>> THESE vans that i'm dying to buy.

>> THIS song that I'm dancing around the house to all morning (warning! if you don't mind some F-bombs!)(i listen to it on my headphones, don't worry)

>> THIS. this! this! this! Humans really are better together! i still tear up whenever i think about this show. i just miss it so much.

>> THIS, because I aspire to take pictures this beautiful.

>> THIS article on the sequel. how do you feel about this anyway? i'm still in shock.

>>  THIS recipe that I can't wait to try. (hey locals, that reminds me: hardback cafe has THE BEST dirty vanilla chai latte. make it iced and add a shot of coconut, it will blow your mind. this thanks to my having a barista for a sister!)

>> THIS beaut, because as of late I have fallen hard for the concept of both living in a log cabin in the woods and that cabin having a black exterior.

>> THIS is amazing. I don't have a kid with a speech disorder, but I think this can be applied to building confidence in all kids really. #2 is my favorite.


And now, I think I'll get ready for the day. This is getting ridiculous.

TGIF, happy weekend friends!


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