vacation hangover

Coming home from a weeklong vacation is rouuughhhh. In a slightly dramatic sense, coming home feels a tad like stepping in quicksand. I have spent the past few recovery days trying not to sink, but if you’re a quicksand expert you know very well that you can’t fight it. The harder you struggle, the more violently you move, the faster you will sink. So you just sit still as you descend at snail pace and all you have is the hope that a handsome fellah rides along on a tall horse with a very sturdy lasso to pull you from the depths of despair!

At this very moment, my handsome fellah with a sturdy lasso would be winning the lottery. Or just really anything that would allow me to quit my job and live in the Bahamas. You feel?

And for the record, I’m still experiencing the post living-on-a-boat vertigo. It’s this insanely obnoxious reminder that for one week, I lived on a boat! Except that now I’m just tripping over my own feet at any given moment because I’m struggling to remember how to walk on land.

I’m being slightly dramatic, but you know. Post vacation blues, amirite?!

While also. I was quite ready to see my sweet boys. Six days was much too long to be without them, and I’d be happy to never be away from them that long again! Being a mother is such a contradiction.

So but what was I saying? Oh yes, Lake Powell. The highlights of our trip included but are not limited to: 

Sleep in. Wake up. Eat breakfast. Take out the boat. Wakeboard. Surf. Swim. Explore. Cliff jump. Eat lunch. Take a nap. Go out on the boat again. Wakeboard. Surf. Swim. Explore. Cliff jump. Eat dinner. Play horseshoes. Sit around the campfire. Eat dutch oven peach cobbler. Play cards. Go to bed. REPEAT.

My dermatologist would be so proud of my sunblock slathering skills, and other than one tiny incident which resulted in some lovely-red sunburned kneecaps, I did rather well to come out without sun damage.

Dan and I had a quick run in with a bobcat on an early morning hike that we took while our amigos were all fast asleep in the houseboat. When that speedy little cat jumped out of the bushes in front of us I yelled "MOUNTAIN GOAT!" while Dan yelled "SPHINX!" And that's reaaalllyyyy hilarious, if you google "sphinx".

Playing horseshoes. I had never played horseshoes in my life so, that was something! It turns out that I largely underestimated the skills it takes to play horseshoes. Also, I did win the championship game, so I mean, I'm proud of that.

Dan landing not one, but TWO backflips on the wakeboard. Proud wife, right here.

And anyway, take a look for yourself, willya? May I present: lake powell in pictures!

 As you can see, it was beautiful.

Happy {almost} hump day amigos!

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