"don't think. it complicates things. just feel, and if it feels like home, then follow its path."

The fourth of July is always a perfect whirlwind of fireworks, staying up late, eating too much food and letting the beautiful fireball of a sun drain every ounce of energy out of us. Jace is a typical four year old boy in that he has fallen in love with fireworks. We attended three big firework shows and spent one night lighting fireworks on our street, all of which was still not enough to fill his needs. He also spent the weekend asking us to point out "Utah" on the "USA flag" which was confusing, and he learned the words to the chorus of God Bless America which made me tear right up.

Beck took approximately one big intimidating firework show to warm up so that he was nice and happy through the other two. He would hold his hands in the air and say "BOOM!" and "OH WOW!"

^^ On the morning of the fourth I ran a 15k race, my longest race to date. I was semi-dreading this race, because, nine miles, you know. We were up late the night before, stuck in traffic for AN HOUR following the firework show, and I thought over and over, why did I sign up for this stupid race?!? But then. Oh then. Do you know those runs where you feel like the universe is really on your side? The birds are chirping and the shade is the perfect breath of chilly and the wind is all but pushing you up the hills? When you soar along, feeling almost weightless and so very happy to be alive? That was my race and I'm so very glad that I decided to run it.

^^ We headed down south a bit for another firework show and Kaysville, you do not disappoint! It was choreographed to music right there in front of us on the field, and there were so many new fireworks that I had never seen before! So much fun. And much less time stuck in traffic following the show, so. Get your act together cache valley!

^^ Sleepy boys after so many fun sun-filled adventures.

^^ lighting fireworks on our street was one of the more hilarious moments of the weekend. Jace kills it, man. Have I told you how awesome four years old is? Because it's awesome.

^^ Ninety-eight percent of the time we will choose a river in the mountains over the pool. Sitting under the shade of tall trees and watching my boys play in the water is my kind of happy! The Jacester will go all the way up to his neck in that ice cold river water, that crazy boy of mine. And the Beckster will try to let all of the toy shovels float into the middle of the river where we have to run in after them, because, that's fun too.

^^And to end the weekend we took Rockie kayaking. It was a large slice of heaven, the perfect dessert to follow up the feast that was our favorite holiday. It's overwhelming how happy I am when I am in that kayak! The beauty, the peace, baby ducks, jumping fish, drinking the wild air and feeling deep in my core that I am at one with the beautiful river surrounding me. I almost always find myself singing "What I love most about rivers is, you can't step in the same river twice..." and then, you know, "just around the river beennnddd.... I LOOK ONCE MORE! JUST AROUND THE RIVER BEND!" and of course I like to really belt that part out. You know, honestly, there is part of me that believes all of life's lessons are covered in disney's pocahontas. But no? Just me?

I really hope you all had a lovely fourth of July! It's Monday, and that's not so terrible because in three more days Dan and I are packing up the kayaks again and heading out on a kayaking camping trip, so. I'm still feeling pretty dang good about life.

Even if it is Monday.


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