finding new trails

monday morning we woke to the smell of wet earth after rain, the ground damp beneath our feet. massive clouds in all shades of whites and grays filled the sky, dipping down to the valley below the mountains like a soft slice of cream cheese spread thinly on a piece of toast. we decided that we had to chase those low clouds right that moment! so we packed up the car and the kids and took off to find a new trail.

with young kids, we know our fair share of trails. somedays hiking is our only option of an adventure because of our limitations with the boys, and so we tend to do a lot of hiking. we have our go-to trails and our occasionally-trails, but we are always looking for new places to set our feet.

on this particular morning as we chased the clouds, we drove for a good hour trying to find a trail head. we stopped by the camp of some hunters who were nice enough but who didn't know of any good trails. they knew where the good deer were and the good four wheeling spots! but hiking? sorry dudes. in the end it was a woman out trail running with her dogs who led us to the most gorgeous trail we could have asked for! (those trails runners, they know what is UP.)

this trail reminded me of the fire swamp in the princess bride. only, of course, without the rodents of unusual size THANK THE HEAVENS. i did wear some nice bright pink because hiking during hunting season always gives me a bit of a worry.

the weather was so perfect i really could have just died a happy woman. it was just the right amount of cold, where you bundle a bit and have a cup of hot something or other in your hand and you are GOLDEN, you know? the leaves were fallen on the ground all around us in buckets and buckets, just lying there to show off their brilliant colors and constantly crunching beneath our feet.

at one point dan started recording a video without our knowing it, and going back to watch the video later was a little ridiculous. it was so very typical of all of us: me talking about the new boots at h&m that i want to buy not one but TWO pairs of (one for hiking, the other for going around town!), jace singing inappropriate flo rida rap songs (double en-ten-dre! double up-on-ya!), beck happily bobbing up and down in his kelty like he hasn't a care in the world, and dan just laughing away to himself because he was sneakily catching us all on camera and he thought he was sooooo funny.

so then, let's get right to it shall we? here are a few pictures we snapped from our adventure at deep canyon on the wellsville mountains! (the perfect trail run! the next time i go there it will be with my running shoes and my strava, thankyouverymuch.)

such a lovely morning. touche, autumn! tou-freaking-che.

and now TGIF! what are your plans this weekend? we are carving our pumpkins tonight and it is ALL jace can talk about. ("i want mine to have eyes like this, and an upside down triangle nose, and a veryyyy scary mouth!") we are also getting ready for a good road trip next week and some one on one time with our first born! i'm so excited to get out and get some really good fall adventures in before winter hits.

happy happy weekend friends! get out there and get you some!


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