life lately in pictures + TGIF!

We are finally now in the thick of fall and it is like getting a massage after running a marathon. Heavenly. Yes Anne, we are so glad that we live in a world where there are Octobers! The leaves are all crunchy and golden and falling by the bucket full. Listen, I'm trying not to be the cliche blogger that goes on and on about fall so I'll stop here, but just trust me. The weather is ON POINT.

A few days back we were at the carls jr playplace getting some wiggles out when this massive downpour hit. We were the only ones in the back of the building and the sound of the rain storm on the roof and pouring through the hollow pipes echoed all around us. It was beautiful, as most rain storms are, so even though the cooks at the green burrito royally screwed up our street tacos, it turned out to be a lovely night! It poured and poured while we tried waiting it out, watching the storm through the windows, but we finally decided to brave the parking lot while it was still coming down like a waterfall. Jace closed his eyes tight and ran into the parking lot while thanks to his eyes being shut he ended up running past the truck, right into the middle of the lot while the rain soaked him, crying dramatically "mooooommmmmm helllpppp meeeeee!!!" while still refusing to open his dang eyes so he could see where I was, sitting in the truck with Beck on my lap and the door wide open calling out to him, "JACE WE ARE BACK HERE OPEN YOUR EYES! HURRRRYYY!" Dad bravely ran to his rescue and we were all just soaked to the bone and I laughed so hard I almost peed. After that we drove around puddle searching and flipping donuts in wet parking lots and overall, we are very cool parents I suppose. Sometimes rain makes me happy, right there in my sunshiney soul. You dig?

And now it's Friday can I get an AMEN AND HALLELUJAH!? I am so happy it's the weekend. We have a date with the pumpkin patch tonight and maybe a good cliche halloween movie and apple cider to boot! Tomorrow we are headed out of town for the night and sunday morning we are going to cook bacon on the beach and kayak on a lake while the sun rises. Come here weekend and let me kiss your face, MMMUUUUAAAHHH!

Oh but, here are some pictures of life lately around these parts, if you're interested!

Happy Friday friends! Get out there and get you some!


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