life lately in pictures + happy halloween!

how was your halloween? ours was quite lovely and very hard all at the same time. jace was a champ but halloween and one and a half year olds don't mix terribly well. they do in the cute costume side of things! dressing up a one and a half year old to look like a lion cub or a little monster or a chubby spaceman or something of those sorts, why there aren't many things cuter than a one and a half year old in a costume! but forcing them to walk where you tell them to walk, and to not go inside of these houses but rather just stay on the doorstep, and to leave the home as soon as you have just arrived, and to not pet that dog that is barking and growling through the hole in the fence, all while wearing a few extra layers of ridiculous padding pulled over your head, well it all doesn't bode entirely well for a one and a half year old.

and all of his meltdowns were entirely from above scenarios mind you, because the boy didn't have a drop of sugar all day!

me, on the other hand. i left the party early to put an angry little elf to bed while dad and jace finished out the evening which ended in my binge watching the killing on netflix and eating forty pounds of miniature candy bars, so. sugar crashes and tummy aches and all of the typical hallows cliche, you know.

and anyhow. life lately has been lovely, as fall always is. and here are some pictures of life lately at our home, file these under autumn of twenty fifteen!

This might be the last batch filed under 'autumn twenty fifteen' at all, because winter is sitting on our doorstep AS WE SPEAK. The forecast is telling us about the snow that will arrive this week, and it's NOVEMBER which makes me think of snowmen and the holidays and it's all coming so fast that I could just puke!

While also, I'm strangely excited about it.

Happy Monday! Get out there and get you some!


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