tony grove lake

yesterday was lovely.

we took off for our lake adventure early enough that we had the entire place all to ourselves for most of the day. on the drive there, as we got higher up the mountain a soft flurry of snowflakes danced in the air around us, landing gently on the windshield. jace was so excited about those snowflakes, proclaiming excitedly "let's make a snowman!" only, thank heavens there wasn't enough snow for that. the land surrounding the lake held thin packs of fresh snow where all of the shade lingers beneath the trees and the picnic tables. and it was thirty degrees outside, did i mention that!? i wore my sorels but packed a pair of thinner boots because i assumed that i was probably being slightly dramatic in thinking i would need my winter sorels. but as it so turns out, they were the perfect choice! my feet weren't even remotely cold once the entire day. sorels all the livelong day!

really, i have come to the conclusion that i prefer kayaking while bundled in layers and surrounded by snowy pines than kayaking in the thick heat of summer while the persistent sun blares down  on me. only, that's if i had to choose between the two because really, i love them both in their own ways. but i truly have a soft spot for this perfectly chilly fall weather, even when it holds a little bit of mountain snow.

i also have a soft spot for tony grove! this is a forty five minute drive from our home. it is the loveliest lake that holds so many good memories for me. we had a beautiful day and while he was slightly bummed that we didn't get to set up a tent and camp out like he wanted, that one-on-one time with our j-man was so delightful and needed!

and now, pictures!

last night was our first hard freeze. even now as i write this i am bundled copiously in layers. wool socks that stretch up to my thighs, two sweaters, and a beanie to boot! i am intermittently typing while cupping my mug of steaming hot coffee, my fingers slow and cold like icicles, and if i could type in mittens i would have those on too. this because, we haven't turned our heater on yet. have you? we are waiting on two things: one, a new furnace filter and two, mental preparedness for something so drastic as turning on the heater. every year when winter is approaching the act of turning on the heater feels so momentous. it is not a decision to take lightly! we have to really be ready for that kind of commitment, because the act at all is our admitting and accepting that winter is at our doorstep. so we wait!

(but i'm very close to admitting and accepting. i give us one more week before we admit our way out of chattering teeth on cold mornings such as these!)

tis the season i suppose. really though, i don't mind one bit, this bundling up business! and my desire for turning on the oven to heat our home gives me a good excuse to bake.

happy wednesday friends! get out there and get you some!


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