VLOG - snippets of life lately

Life lately hasn't been too terribly exciting, and I attribute this to the fact that everything seems to really slow down in the winter time. Our schedule isn't slow, mind you. In fact our calendar is quite full! December especially brings with it Christmas parties and celebrations and to-do lists a mile long, so we aren't lacking for busy by any means. But things are different when you are busy in the winter time. In the warmer months, being busy feels like a romantic whirlwind from early sun up until late sun down. There is just so much to do with all of that daylight! But then the thick of winter falls upon us and there is something about the bitter cold mixed with an unsettling darkness that rolls into the valley beginning early in the afternoon that just makes me feel like time is moving rather soft and slow-like.

And as per usual around this time of year, my mind has been a fascinating vortex of new year's resolutions and reinvigorated resolves on what I want to see me and my family accomplish in 2016. I am feeling so insanely inspired as of late. 2016 feels like our biggest year yet and I am so excited about it! I have got this whole I am going to save the world! attitude going on.

BUHHHHT more on that another day, saving the world will have to wait because tonight I have to stuff the rest of our Christmas cards HALLELUJAH!

As you can see in this vlog, Jace is kind of into singing these days. Kid loves Christmas songs and making up his own words. There have been a few times that I have come *this close* to peeing my pants because Jace makes me laugh so hard! He is killing it these days. Kids, man. Enjoy!


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  1. Hahaha, oh my they are so funny! I especially loved when Beck was dancing to Jace's version of jingle bells :) Too cute!