Five Things

1. These American Eagle birkenstock sandals in burgundy, on sale right now for 18 bucks! 

2. This coffee mug that I use every single morning. This was hand made locally and we found it at the Summerfest celebration earlier this year. I love me a hand crafted mug from the farmers market or fair type venues in town.

3. This Nest thermostat in our living room. Also, can we talk about FIFTY-FOUR DEGREES?! Heart eye emoji.

 4. This foundation that I started using. I found it at Target and it is perfection. You can also get it at Ulta.

5. This reminder that I read every morning. Cheesy, maybe, but you read it to yourself every day and tell me it doesn't make a smidge of a difference in how you feel.

Happy Friday friends! Get out there and get you some!


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