Five Things


1. This wool fedora hat from forever 21. For that matter, allllll of their floppy hats.

2. Bachelor in paradise. I have been staying up late this week catching up on the season. It is the most ridiculous show I have ever set eyes on and I can't stop. (did you hear about the next bachelor? I was super bummed about it. He's okay but, WHAT ABOUT LUKE!?)

3. This book that I am reading.

4. This youtube channel. (In another life I worked as a photographer for National Geographic, I'm just sure of it.)

5. This for dinner every single night. We get the family sized frozen fish packs at Smith's Marketplace. Spray non stick on foil, lay the frozen fish out, cover in foil (also sprayed), throw it on the grill. After 7 minutes I open it up to sprinkle generous amounts of garlic powder and onion powder with a little italian seasoning, then cover and cook for 7 more minutes. THAT IS IT. So easy, so delicious, SO CHEAP. (I like the cod best, but you can do the same thing with the tilapia.)

Happy Friday! And Happy September! And Happy Labor Day weekend! There are so many things to look forward to right now!

Yesterday evening I had plans that fell through at the last minute, literally as I was pulling out of the driveway. Instead of going back inside I kept on driving and ended up parked at the cheap theater next to our house. I looked up at the billboard sign with the movies and showtimes, where I read that The Legend of Tarzan was starting right then at that very minute, and I did something I have never done before: I went to a movie all by myself. I walked in unashamed and asked for one ticket and a small popcorn with junior mints, please. I snuck quietly into the back of the dark theater and propped my feet up on the seat in front of me. I had two hours all by myself and it was incredibly liberating.

I am so looking forward to a long, slow weekend. Our Labor Day weekend is typically filled to the brim with end of season bbq's and this year is no different. I always anticipate the arrival of September, this month of slow transition into the season that jives with my soul the most. As I wrote about here in my instagram post this morning, I am impatiently ready for this change of seasons, for Autumn and everything that comes with it.

I hope you all have a wonderful long holiday weekend!


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