Five Things


1. This book. Already my third book this month! I have been polishing off novels like they are pie crumbs, especially on all of these perfect and slow Fall days while the boys play outside happily for hours. I love this book even more after studying up on the author, Emily Bronte. Her life was so mysterious and tragic.

2. This station on pandora brings in the best songs.

3. This. Spooned straight from the jar, preferably late at night while catching up on Grey's. (Once Dan spread some over birthday cake oreos. Too much? Who's to say, really.)(I get the Lotus brand because we don't have a Trader Joe's.)

4. This documentary was fascinating to me. I remember it all happening in 2007 of course, so I was able to compare the documentary with the time I spent watching it unfold on news when she was in Italy. It fuels my frustrations with the media and the way that they twist and portray stories purely for their benefit and ratings.

5. This instagram account. He is a beautiful and inspiring soul.

The weekend is here! I hope you have lovely plans, or no plans at all, because no plan weekends can be just as lovely sometimes.

This morning Jace woke up, got himself dressed and came downstairs as he normally does. As he walked down the stairs I heard him muttering ughh these pants are so tight! and as he came around the corner I couldn't help but laugh out loud, as he was standing there wearing his little brother's jeans. He really had no idea! They were a tad tight and ankle-floods, but he had the button done and everything. So although it was hilarious, it was also a slap-in-the-face reminder that these two will be sharing clothes before I know it!

Also, TMI for some but good news in the mom department over here, my Beck cub has been (whispers) *pooping* on the big boy potty alllll week long! I haven't changed a poopy diaper in three days. And all on his own, mind you. I am baffled because I did not bring this on at all, he just wants to do it. Listen, I'm not trying to brag or anything but I DESERVE THIS YOU GUYS.

Also, Beck is climbing all over me like I am a jungle gym right now, so my typing through it all is very impressive really. I'm off to make breakfast and pour myself another cup of joe. Happy Friday!


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