Pumpkin Patch + Corn Maze


This was one of my very favorite nights. Every single year, excluding the deep winter months, but especially during the Autumn season, I fall in love with our beautiful college town all over again.

We had planned to take the boys to the corn maze. We headed out and stopped on the way for kids meals and enormous chicken sandwiches at Wendy's. We hadn't planned to stop at the pumpkin patch, but we decided last minute that since we were passing it we should swing by. Thus my not being photogenically ready for a place like the pumpkin patch. Had I planned it, I would have dressed the boys in flannel shirts and put some hair gel in their hair, but as luck would have it we left home in all of our regular old clothes, the ones that probably describe us best. Jace picks his own outfits and as of late he will almost always choose anything minecraft, with light up batman shoes to boot! Beck sports a hat 99% of the time. And I'm not even mad about my not dressing us up for some pumpkin patchy pictures, because the authenticity that comes from candid shots you weren't prepared for are some of my favorite things.

After the patch we headed for little bear bottoms, arriving just as dusk was beginning to settle in. We spent the majority of the night watching the boys climbing and jumping all over the haybales while we sipped hot chocolate. I ran into an old friend who is getting ready to move out of town, so her girls got to play with the boys and we got to chat about life, which was wonderful. We did attempt the corn maze for a while. We wandered around letting Jace lead the way, deciding whether we should turn left, turn right, go straight. After fifteen minutes that boy had led us in a full circle right back to the entrance of the corn maze, which when he saw he shouted excitedly, "I DID IT! I FOUND IT! WE MADE IT!!!!" and so we didn't have the heart to tell him that it was actually the beginning again.

We stayed by the haybales until late, until it was cold and far past the boys bedtime, and then we packed up the car with our pumpkins and our treats and we made our way back home. And then to top it all off, after the boys went to bed Dan and I stayed up to watch World War Z, which is my favorite Brad Pitt zombie movie. (It's actually the only Brad Pitt zombie movie. And the only zombie movie I really like.)

It was all such a perfect evening. Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year?

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