Florida Part One - Disney World

Much earlier this year we got together with my Dad and Stepmom and decided to book a trip to Florida. We concluded that we would take Jace and leave Beck with one of his favorite people on this planet (my mom!) since he is still so young, too young to ride any big rides and too young to even remember the trip as he grows older. I had a little bit of guilt about leaving him behind, but in retrospect it turned out to be such a good decision! Jace thrived off of that one-on-one time that he so rarely gets with us now days, and he is just over 44" tall so we were able to ride every single ride at the park.

(Beck, we will take you on your own trip when you are five, I promise!)

Of our eight days in Florida, we spent three full days at Disney World. I wasn't sure how we would fare at Disney World. We aren't crowds and touristy places kind of people. We thrive on peace and the mountains and the off-seasons. So I was pleasently surprised when Disney World far exceeded our expectations! Disney World in November was fantastic. The weather was entirely perfect and the crowds actually weren't so terrible.

It truly was magical.

Jace had never ridden a roller coaster before in his life, so we were also anxious to see how he would fare. His first roller coaster was the seven dwarfs mine train. I rode in the cart with him and watched as he laughed and grinned and "wahoo!"ed the entire ride. He absolutely loved it. We got off the ride knowing then that we had a roller coaster lover on our hands, and he ended up riding everything including four times on space mountain (once in the very front cart!) and four times on splash mountain. He even rode the tower of terror, which he hated the entire ride ("mom why are they ghosts!?!") and vowed to "never go on again!". After the tower of terror I explained to him about bravery, how being brave wasn't "not being scared" at all, but rather it was doing something even though you were scared. He was so brave and we were so proud of him. He had such a blast at all of the parks and it was so fun to watch him with that Disney authentic joy painted all over his face!


  1. Fabulous photos!! Oh, this is so much fun. I'm glad you guys had a great time.

  2. Great adventure! Loved the pics. Loved the people. You've created a priceless memory Meg. I'm amazed at how much you have said in your record. It all takes time and love. Thanks for all you do to make your family happy. It's easy to see. Hal.