Florida Part Two - Gators and The Ocean


This trip was J-man's very first time in the ocean. I swear to you, I swear to you, I have never seen him so authentically happy and so naturally in his element as he was in that ocean. While I sat on the beach reading my book and watching him boogie boarding like a child who had done it since he could walk, I had a thought come to me, one that I shared on my instagram that day:

Do you think that when we are born, perhaps parts of our hearts are scattered throughout the world, waiting for us to find them? I think that Jace found part of his heart in the ocean.

Of all the things we saw in Florida, all of the excitement at Disney World, all of the rides and parades and characters and brand new experiences, the one that made his eyes light up brightest was his first time at the ocean. The white foam-capped roaring waves were like coming home.

His very first time seeing the ocean was on a night when we had pulled off the side of the road on a drive to dinner. It was raining and quite windy, but he was so excited that he practically dove in, soaking his pants and t-shirt. The next time at the ocean we bought him a boogie board and he spent the entire day riding the waves. He took some good tumbles and got thrashed around a bit, a tiny taste of the magnificent power of the ocean. But he popped right back up and kept on riding that board, the smile never leaving his face.

I am telling you, that kid was an absolute natural out there. In fact, he almost had me convinced that he had done this before. It was such a privilege to watch him experience something that he was so fully in love with! I have this feeling that if we let him in the ocean enough, that kid will be a pro surfer one day.

On another note, one far away from the ocean and back to current reality, I am a walking zombie. SOS! Beck the bear cub had a sudden sleep regression hit and we are on week two of his waking up at least once, often twice, every single freaking night. And then again waking up for the day between 6 and 7. I feel so discouraged and emotional and edgy when I lack sleep continually, and so this has been quite the treat for us all.

HEAVEN HELP ME. If you have any miraculous tips for a stubborn toddler who won't sleep, please do tell! I will try anything!


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