This is just a little (big) photodump of some pictures from Summer 2018, and some more from Fall 2018. It's terribly random. We had some camping trips, we had some Birthdays, we had the first day of second grade, we had Halloween, we had a corn maze, we had a girls weekend with college roomates, we had some sunsets and pine trees and beautiful places. It's all there, in no particular order, with no rhyme or reason for it other than to keep it all here for easy access to memories in some distant future time.

Looking back on pictures is such a humbling thing to do! It always slaps me in the face when I need it most, when I'm feeling low or life feels slow, when winter embraces me in her tight, cold death grip and I wonder if I might survive, as happens every year. Then I see these pictures and I think, oh that's right! Life is beautiful. I do have a wonderful, lovely, memorable life full of wonderful experiences and lovely people.

Pheww, I had almost forgotten there for a moment. Thank you, pictures, for freezing these moments in time and reminding me of what I needed so badly to be reminded of.

Anyway, here we are! Late to post, as always, but here just the same!


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