Dan + Meg 
    Together since 2008
     Married since 2010

hometown girl.
has lots of freckles.
doesn't eat meat.
chicken whisperer.
coffee lover.
writing a book.
works as a surgery manager.
is an eternal optimist.
writing is therapy.
heart is in the mountains.

beard season all year.
is a perfectionist
 and loves projects.
will always make you laugh.
remodeling our 60's ranch house
on one acre of land.
technology guru.
loves the high dive.
works as a home theater installer.
heart is in camping season.

We live in the mountains of northern Utah,
with our boys:
 Jace who is twelve,
 Beck who is eight.
our girl:
Khloie the boston terrier.
and our ten chickens
and two bunnies.

CONTACT ME AT megcroft3@gmail.com