Happy Camping!

Ahhh Dan and I had a fabulous weekend camping with the Crofts! {Totally worth the dozen (at least) mosquito bites scattered all over my poor itchy body.} Greys River is gorgeous, and the weather was perfect! We camped right next to the river where there were no bathrooms or hook ups, but word on the streets is that is the only way to really camp.

Rockie had her first real swimming experience, which was really exciting to watch! I was so proud of my little baby!

We did have one moment of panic when she jumped in a heavier flowing part of the river to swim after Dan. He jumped in after her as she went floating down the river, soaking himself and losing his flip flops! As soon as he got to her she was already climbing on shore though, what a good little swimmer we have! (And don't worry, Jenny's water loving boxer jumped in and caught Dan's flip flop so they were safe as well.)

So we're back home and even though my hour long shower was heavenly bliss, I wish I was still camping... Now we're looking forward to our favorite holiday, 4th of July! You can't beat the 4th. 3 days and counting until the weekend!!!

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